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Merry Laughter and Angry Curses

The Shanghai Tabloid Press, 1897-1911

by (author) Juan Wang

Intoxicating Manchuria

Alcohol, Opium, and Culture in China's Northeast

by (author) Norman Smith

Still Counting the Dead

Survivor's of Sri Lanka's Hidden War

by (author) Frances Harrison

Beyond Beauty

Hunting the Wild Blue Poppy

by (author) Bill Terry

From Manila to Manitoba

Winnipeg's Filipino Health Professionals (c. 1950-1970)

by (author) Darlyne Bautista

State Organs

Transplant Abuse in China

edited by David Matas & Torsten Trey

A Cowherd in Paradise

From China to Canada

by (author) May Q. Wong

Pursuing China

Memoir of a Beaver Liaison Officer

by (author) Brian L. Evans

A School in Every Village

Educational Reform in a Northeast China County, 1904-31

by (author) Elizabeth R. VanderVen


Canada's Forgotten War

by (author) John Melady
foreword by John M. Rockingham

Japanese War Art and Uniforms 1853-1930

by (author) Rene Chartrand

On the Edge of Being

An Afghan Woman's Journey

by (author) Sharifa Sharif

The Chinese in Toronto from 1878

From Outside to Inside the Circle

by (author) Arlene Chan

The Chinese in Cambodia

by (author) William E. Willmott

The Six National Histories of Japan

by (author) Taro Sakamoto
translated by John S. Brownlee

The Voyage of the Komagata Maru

The Sikh Challenge to Canada's Colour Bar

by (author) Hugh Johnston

Southern and Eastern Polynesia

Volume 2 of Russia and the South Pacific, 1696-1840

by (author) Glynn Barratt

Scars of War

The Impact of Warfare on Modern China

edited by Diana Lary & Stephen MacKinnon

The Chinese in Vancouver, 1945-80

The Pursuit of Identity and Power

by (author) Wing Chung Ng

Teachers' Schools and the Making of the Modern Chinese Nation-State, 1897-1937

by (author) Xiaoping Cong

Japanese Historians and the National Myths, 1600-1945

The Age of the Gods and Emperor Jinmu

by (author) John S. Brownlee

The Power of Words

Literacy and Revolution in South China, 1949-95

by (author) Glen Peterson

The Russians and Australia

Volume 1 of Russia and the South Pacific, 1696-1840

by (author) Glynn Barratt

The Tuamotu Islands and Tahiti

Volume 4 of Russia and the South Pacific, 1696-1840

by (author) Glynn Barratt

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