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Fragment, Image, and Absence in 1960s Japan

by (author) Ignacio A. Adriasola Muñoz

The Last Steam Railways

Volume 1: The People's Republic of China

by (author) Robert D. Turner

Along the Integral Margin

Uneven Development in a Myanmar Squatter Settlement

by (author) Stephen Campbell

Winning by Process

The State and Neutralization of Ethnic Minorities in Myanmar

by (author) Jacques Bertrand, Alexandre Pelletier & Ardeth Maung Thawnghmung

Bangladesh 1971

An Accidental War Correspondent Remembers

by (author) Ashis Gupta


April 2022

edited by Joshua Barker & Eric Tagliacozzo

The Future Conditional

Building an English-Speaking Society in Northeast China

by (author) Eric S. Henry

From Country to Nation

Ethnographic Studies, Kokugaku, and Spirits in Nineteenth-Century Japan

by (author) Gideon Fujiwara

Blood Washing Blood

Afghanistan's Hundred-Year War

by (author) Phil Halton

Redemption and Regret

Modernizing Korea in the Writings of James Scarth Gale

by (author) James Scarth Gale
edited by Daniel Pieper

Reinventing Licentiousness

Pornography and Modern China

by (author) Y. Yvon Wang

Translating the Occupation

The Japanese Invasion of China, 1931–45

edited by Jonathan Henshaw, Craig A. Smith & Norman Smith

The Diary of Dukesang Wong

A Voice from Gold Mountain

edited by David McIlwraith
translated by Wanda Joy Hoe
by (author) Dukesang Wong

Kushan Mystique

by (author) David Jongeward

This Red Line Goes Straight to Your Heart

A Memoir in Halves

by (author) Madhur Anand

Installing Automobility

Emerging Politics of Mobility and Streets in Indian Cities

by (author) Govind Gopakumar

Home Is Where the Water Is

by (author) Hung-Min Chiang

The Rat People

A Journey through Beijing's Forbidden Underground

by (author) Patrick Saint-Paul
translated by David Homel

The Mongolian Chronicles

A Story of Eagles, Demons, and Empires

by (author) Allen Smutylo

Mongolian Chronicles

A Story of Eagles, Demons, and Empires

by (author) Allen Smutylo

The Swords of Silence

Book 1: The Swords of Fire Trilogy

by (author) Shaun Curry
read by Thomas McGairl

The House of a Thousand Memories

by (author) Sunil Tantirige

Voices from the Soviet Edge

Southern Migrants in Leningrad and Moscow

by (author) Jeff Sahadeo

The Tao of Wing Chun

The History and Principles of China's Most Explosive Martial Art

by (author) John Little & Danny Xuan

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