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The History Wars

by (author) Stuart Macintyre & Anna Clark
foreword by Sir Anthony Mason

Selected Writings of A.O. Hume

edited by Edward C. Moulton & S. Mehrotra

East Timor: Testimony

by (author) Elaine Briere
contributions by Noam Chomsky

Hong Kong and the Cold War

Anglo-American Relations 1949-1957

by (author) Chi-kwan Mark

Gutenberg in Shanghai

Chinese Print Capitalism, 1876-1937

by (author) Christopher A. Reed

Grand Centaur Station

Unruly Living With the New Nomads of Central Asia

by (author) Larry Frolick

Full Circle

A Life with Hong Kong and China

by (author) Ruth Hayhoe

Women in God’s Army

Gender and Equality in the Early Salvation Army

by (author) Andrew Mark Eason

South Asia

A Historical Narrative

by (author) Mohammed Yunus & Aradhana Parmar

From the Japanese

A Journalist in the Empire of the Resigned

by (author) Catherine Bergman

In the Inner Quarters

Erotic Stories From Ling Mengchu's Two Slaps

by (author) Ling Mengchu
translated by Lenny Hu

Remember Me to Everybody

Letters From India, 1944-1949

by (author) Frederick Gower Turnbull

Bearing Witness

Partition, Independence, End of the Raj

by (author) Sukeshi Kamra

The Embroidered Couch

An Erotic Novel of China

by (author) Lu Tiancheng
translated by Lenny Hu

Watching China Change: 1976-1999

by (author) Robert C. Cosbey

Sikh Ethnonationalism and the Political Economy of Punjab

by (author) Shinder Purewal

Jan Wong's China

Reports From A Not-So-Foreign Correspondent

by (author) Jan Wong

Sri Lankan Tamil Nationalism

Its Origins and Development in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries

by (author) A.J. Wilson

The Cross in the Dark Valley

The Canadian Protestant Missionary Movement in the Japanese Empire, 1931-1945

by (author) A. Hamish Ion

The Canadian Sansei

by (author) Tomoko Makabe

Colonial Hegemony and Popular Resistance

Princes, Peasants, and Paramount Power

by (author) Hira Singh


A Political Biography

by (author) Michael Brecher

Three Chinas

by (author) Bill Purves

Melanesia and the Western Polynesian Fringe

Volume 3 of Russia and the South Pacific, 1696-1840

by (author) Glynn Barratt

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