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Chasia's Enchantment

Chasia's Enchantment

Meditations, Poems and Inspirations
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Do not be afraid to keep stepping into the truth
of all you are. Remember to refine
your spirit’s, brain’s and body’s gifts.
Grounded in your presence.

Receive and share your individual treasures.
Your happiness, your laughter, your insight.
Your awareness, your beauty, your intuition, your focus,
Your credibility and creativity. And wholeness.
Express your passion, your purpose and
connect to your connection
as you continue to unfold, exquisitely
in silence, observation, or expression in life.

Your magnificence shines through your loving,
growing self-esteem.
True confidence and the surrender to your healed
and healers gifts within you.
You are an artist of your own life.
Voicing your truth with dignity, grace.
Wild wonder, you amazing child of this universe.
Ever being, every beginning,
in the endlessness of being.
We all have come a long way.
Children. Our inner child. Always with us.
No matter what we have experienced,
we can gently feel it step by step
and still remain in love with authentic being.
For this is truly love.

The decorations of life have been fun
but we know that the unity that arises our to
authentic love was, is,
and always will be our birthright.
Our journeys are divine inspirations.

May we continue to let go of that
which does not serve us anymore.
And embrace, embody all that does.
May it grow and grow, lovingly, intentionally.

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Heart Minded

Heart Minded

How to Hold Yourself and Others in Love
tagged : meditation
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The Response

The Response

Practising mindfulness in your daily life
tagged : meditation
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The Guru in Your Golf Swing

The Guru in Your Golf Swing

A golf pro, a monk and the magical kingdom of Bhutan
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Living Lightly

Living Lightly

Bring Happiness and Calm to Your Everyday
also available: eBook
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