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Einstein Wrote Back

My Life in Physics

by (author) John W. Moffat

Legacy, The

An Elder's Vision of Our Sustainable Future

by (author) David Suzuki

Gorillas in the Mist

The Passion of Dian Fossey

by (author) Farley Mowat

Sir Sandford Fleming

His Early Diaries, 1845-1853

edited by Jean Murray Cole

Last Blacksmith of Apple

by (author) Douglas Fales

Barry Commoner and the Science of Survival

The Remaking of American Environmentalism

by (author) Michael Egan

Measuring Mother Earth

How Joe the Kid Became Tyrrell of the North

by (author) Heather Robertson

Out of Orbit

The True Story of How Three Astronauts Found Themselves Hundreds of Miles Above the Earth With No Way Home

by (author) Chris Jones

King of Infinite Space

Donald Coxeter, the Man Who Saved Geometry

by (author) Siobhan Roberts

Charles Darwin

by (author) Jean Baptiste de Panafieu & Vincent Desplanche
translated by Jorge González Batlle

The Bell Family in Baddeck

Alexander Graham Bell and Mabel Bell in Cape Breton

by (author) Judith Tulloch

The Second Tree

Of Clones, Chimeras and Quests for Immortality

by (author) Elaine Dewar

Jade Fever

Hunting the Stone of Heaven

by (author) Stan Leaming

Great Maritime Achievers in Science and Technology

by (author) George MacBeath

No Ordinary Mike

Michael Smith, Nobel Laureate

by (author) Eric Damer & Caroline Astell

Dinosaur Hunters

Uncovering the Hidden Remains of Canada's Ancient Giants

by (author) Lisa Murphy-Lamb

Possessing Genius

The Bizarre Odyssey Of Einsteins Brain

by (author) Carolyn Abraham

Time Lord

by (author) Clark Blaise

The Site

A Personal Odyssey

by (author) Robert W. Nero

My Father Marconi

by (author) Degna Marconi

Galileo: A Very Short Introduction

by (author) Stillman Drake

Restless Energy

A Biography of William Rowan 1891-1957

by (author) Marianne Ainley

George Bentham

Autobiography, 1800-1834

by (author) George Bentham
edited by Marion Filipiuk

Chief Engineer

Life of a Nation Builder, Sanford Fleming

by (author) Lorne Green

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