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Interviews, Recommendations, and More

Shelf Talkers

Indie booksellers suggest what to read next, and why.

Shelf Talkers: Books to Carry You Through November

I’m really not sure of the cause, but it happens every year at around this time. I find myself thinking about the past, about my place in the world, …

Shelf Talkers: Read Your Way to a Relaxed Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving, why not plan a family trip to a local independent bookstore, followed by an afternoon of quiet reading? No screens, no pressure, just …

Shelf Talkers: Women, Songs, Oceans, Freedom, and Hellfire

These are all fiction, all novels, but it’s striking just how close these picks hew to the real world, and what is going on in it. Sometimes we read …

Shelf Talkers: Mid-Summer 2018

For readers, the summer months have a special connotation. We remember not family trips, per se, but those books we read wedged in the back seat. We remember …

Shelf Talkers: Canada Day 2018 Edition!

Dear Canada, it's your birthday! So, here you go: an overfull basket of books to see you through the summer, including some classics and some new books, …

Shelf Talkers: Slap On the Sunscreen and Dive Into a Book

Slather up with sunscreen (don’t miss the back of your neck—if you’re bent over a book, you will burn there, and it’s a very tender spot. Take …

Shelf Talkers: Let's Get Bold and Call These Spring Reads

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement. After a winter that was starting to seem Narnia-like in its duration, it seems as if spring has finally …

Shelf Talkers: This Is a Read Until 3 am Book and More

Which book is keeping Barb Pratt of Blue Heron Books up all night? Which novel does David Worsely think is going to be "everywhere on the fall awards …

Shelf Talkers: Love and Thrillers to See You Through to Spring

As February slips into March, the warm-hearted booksellers of our Shelf Talkers panel have some picks to see you through to spring.

Shelf Talkers: White Magic in the 1800s, Rock in the 90s, and the World in 1979

Think about it: curled up under a fluffy duvet, a steaming beverage close to hand, maybe some music playing, a bit of sun creeping in through the blinds, …

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