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Interviews, Recommendations, and More

Shelf Talkers

Indie booksellers suggest what to read next, and why.

Shelf Talkers: The Mystery Edition

While readers likely need no reminder, the recent success of CTV’s Cardinal (based on Giles Blunt’s Forty Words for Sorrow) alerted many viewers to …

Shelf Talkers: On Family Day

When Victoria's great booksellers Jim Munro and Mel Bolen passed away late last year, their losses cut through our family, from coast to coast. The outpouring …

Shelf Talkers: Under the Tree 2016!

Canada's erudite, well-read indie booksellers have, this month, provided their choices for the best books of 2016.

Shelf Talkers: Remembrance Day 2016

From an exploration of the nature of Remembrance Day itself, to an examination of what it means to be Canadian, to a heartbreaking account of a story …

Shelf Talkers: From Outer Space to Wrestling Rings to Vietnam

This Thanksgiving, I’m thankful to you, faithful readers, who return to these pages and these bright, eclectic folks to discover—just as I do—what …

Shelf Talkers: Private Detectives, Secret Mommies, Suspicious Men, and More

With the cooling of the year comes the fall book season, a treasure trove of new releases and prize shortlists, award ceremonies, and new favourites. …

Shelf Talkers: August Is the Best Time for Reading

It’s all part of the experience: brave the heat and make your way to your local independent bookstore (bonus: many of them are air-conditioned!) and …

Shelf Talkers: Canada Day 2016 Edition

Canada Day IS a special day, so this month, we have a special Canada Day edition of the Shelf Talkers column, an oversize special, with booksellers from …

Shelf Talkers: May 2016

Is it spring where you are, or summer ... or more of a mishmash of weather?

With the sheer size of this country, and the vicissitudes of climate change, …

Shelf Talkers: April 2016

Happy Authors for Indies Day, everyone. And please join me in raising a glass for our independent booksellers, every day.

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