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Interviews, Recommendations, and More

Shelf Talkers

Indie booksellers suggest what to read next, and why.

Shelf Talkers: Canada Day 2016 Edition

Canada Day IS a special day, so this month, we have a special Canada Day edition of the Shelf Talkers column, an oversize special, with booksellers from …

Shelf Talkers: May 2016

Is it spring where you are, or summer ... or more of a mishmash of weather?

With the sheer size of this country, and the vicissitudes of climate change, …

Shelf Talkers: April 2016

Happy Authors for Indies Day, everyone. And please join me in raising a glass for our independent booksellers, every day.

Shelf Talkers: March 2016

For the March installment of the Shelf Talkers column, we’ve asked our assembled booksellers to weigh in on new favourites, perfect—when the weather …

Shelf Talkers: February 2016

One can never go wrong with a really good love story.

Shelf Talkers: January 2016

Here to help minister to your winter reading needs, our dedicated independent booksellers weigh in with some of their picks for the darkest of seasons. …

Shelf Talkers: December 2015

Here at Shelf Talkers, we operate with a single guiding principle: booksellers KNOW. They have to—booksellers largely depend on their reading for their …

Shelf Talkers: November 2015

Booksellers know the power of the perfect book; for many of them, that notion of sharing something they love is one of the reasons they got into this …

Shelf Talkers: Thanksgiving 2015 Edition

This weekend, as you spend your non-pagan harvest festival celebrating your blessings, the booksellers of the Shelf Talkers column would like to invite …

Shelf Talkers: September 2015

I thought I had it all worked out: keep the book in your lap, and glance down to read when the teacher’s not looking. Keep the book you want to read …

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    Great writers from across the country sit down with us to talk about their books, and the stories behind them.

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    Indie booksellers from coast to coast tell us the books they can't stop recommending to their customers.

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