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Interviews, Recommendations, and More

Shelf Talkers

Indie booksellers suggest what to read next, and why.

Shelf Talkers: May 2015

Fiction and poetry, adult books and a kids book, this installment of Shelf Talkers is a veritable bouquet of spring blooms.

Shelf Talkers Special Edition: Authors for Indies

May 2, authors across the country will be volunteering in indie bookstores across the nation—mark your calendars! Here are some of the books they'll …

Shelf Talkers: March 2015

Drip, drip, drip ... Canada is beginning to thaw, and with a new season bursting out, we need new books to celebrate. Thankfully, independent bookstores …

Shelf Talkers: January 2015

Girls, gangs, murder, elephants, Billy the Kid, and environmental disaster feature in this month's Shelf Talkers from Canada's indie booksellers.

Shelf Talkers for December

Yes, it’s the busiest time of the year, but a large troupe of our Shelf Talker professionals made time to give us their picks for the month. And not …

Shelf Talkers for November

Our cross-country panel of Canadian indie booksellers is back with their picks leading into the busy holiday season.

Shelf Talkers: October 2014

Robert J. Wiersema is back with indie booksellers reports on what the hot books are in their stores right now, from new titles to a book that's been garnering …

Shelf Talkers for September

Books about magic, new frontiers in sex, resistance, forgetful elephants, and environmental devastation.

Shelf Talkers for August

We can almost feel our expert booksellers pressing their selections into our hands in this round of Shelf Talkers. Just try to resist!

Shelf Talkers Shopping List

Finally, in one handy spot, all our Canadian indie bookstore's Shelf Talkers picks for your buying and borrowing pleasure.

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    By Trevor Corkum

    Great writers from across the country sit down with us to talk about their books, and the stories behind them.

  • Shelf Talkers

    Rob Wiersema

    Indie booksellers from coast to coast tell us the books they can't stop recommending to their customers.

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    The best books are timeless, and they deserve to find readers whenever and wherever.

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    Our resident children's librarian columnist chooses books by theme for children of all ages.

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    We spotlight books generating buzz all over the web, and beyond.