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Interviews, Recommendations, and More

Shelf Talkers

Indie booksellers from coast to coast tell us the books they can't stop recommending to their customers.

Shelf Talkers: Books to Buy in November

by Robert Wiersema

I know, I know – no one wants to talk about the problems with the supply chain. Either you’ve been completely overwhelmed with the information and …

Shelf Talkers: Brilliant Debuts and Award Winners to Read Right Now

by Rob Wiersema

Strip down, or swaddle up (I leave it up to you and whatever your current weather system is doing), and dig into these recommendations from independent …

Shelf Talkers: Spring 2021

by Robert J. Wiersema

One of the best pieces of news in an otherwise dark year was the word that, despite the growth of online giants during the Covid-19 pandemic, independent …

Shelf Talkers: Books to Make Our Groundhog Day Existence More Wonderful

by Rob Wiersema

Books are among the things that have helped most in the last months of weirdness and isolation. Worlds to explore, stories to escape into, journeys to …

Shelf Talkers: Indie Booksellers Get Us Through the End of the Year

by Robert J. Wiersema

To mark the passing of the year, we’ve gathered the independent booksellers of the Shelf Talkers fellowship – the strong! The proud! The bookish! …

Shelf Talkers: Melting Queens, Mysteries, and More

Robert J. Wiersema ponders what groundhogs might read (and offers them advice) and introduces us to the incredible recommendations of indie booksellers …

Shelf Talkers: Indie Booksellers' Fall 2019 Picks

Some of Canada’s favourite booksellers’ favourite books of the year.

Shelf Talkers: Marilyn Monroe, YA Romance, Magic Basketball, and More

In a lot of ways, reading is the perfect summer reading project: you get to accomplish something AND you don’t have to break a sweat in doing it! You …

Shelf Talkers: Whispering Words to Hasten Spring's Arrival

Here in the Shelf Talkers column, we have a round-up of books for your spring reading pleasure. And, in keeping with the theme, we have a couple of new …

Shelf Talkers: Books to Get You Through February

Think baggy sweaters and hand-knit slippers, think warm baths and hot drinks, think, of course, of books. (And if your self-care includes chocolates, …

Shelf Talkers: Books for Christmas Eve Shoppers

"You’re an indie bookseller, the best of the best.

You work before dawn, you work without rest.

You’ve read all the books, you could pass any test,

Now, …

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  • Shelf Talkers

    Rob Wiersema

    Indie booksellers from coast to coast tell us the books they can't stop recommending to their customers.

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