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Turnstone Press

Books from this publisher

The Only Man in the World

by (author) Faith Johnston

What You Get at Home

by (author) Dora Dueck

On the Fly

A Hockey Fan's View from the 'Peg

by (author) Wayne Tefs

Only Man in the World, The

by (author) Faith Johnston

Food for the Gods

by (author) Karen Dudley


by (author) Katherine Bitney

Thunder Road

by (author) Chadwick Ginther

Mike Grandmaison's Prairie and Beyond

by (author) Mike Grandmaison


A Novel

by (author) Dave Williamson


by (author) Kristian Enright


by (author) Sarah Klassen

Hang Down Your Head

A Randy Craig Mystery

by (author) Janice MacDonald


by (author) Bob Armstrong

Alert to Glory

by (author) Sally Ito

What the Bear Said

Skald tales from New Iceland

by (author) W.D. Valgardson

Portraits of Winnipeg

The River City in Pen and Ink

by (author) Robert J. Sweeney


by (author) Wayne Tefs

Fluttertongue 5

Everything Appears to Shine with Mossy Splendour

by (author) Steven Ross-Smith

The Valedictorians

by (author) David Annandale

Walking to Mojácar

by (author) Di Brandt

Valedictorians, The

by (author) David Annandale

Gimp Crow

by (author) Ken Kowal

Autumn, One Spring

by (author) Patti Grayson

Baldur's Song

A Saga

by (author) David Arnason

Touch the Dragon

A Thai Journal

by (author) Karen Connelly

a Criminal to Remember

by (author) Michael van Rooy

I Still Don't Even Know You

by (author) Michelle Berry

Criminal to Remember, A

by (author) Michael van Rooy


by (author) Carla Funk

Pond Memories

More Tales from a Wildlife Rehabilitator

by (author) Lil Anderson

Meteor Storm

by (author) Wayne Tefs

Finger's Twist, The

by (author) Lee Lamothe

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