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Turnstone Press

Books from this publisher

Unexpected Break in the Weather, An

by (author) Deborah Schnitzer

Ordinary Decent Criminal, An

by (author) Michael van Rooy

Where Shadows Burn

by (author) Catherine Hunter

Mama Dada

Songs of the Baroness's Dog

by (author) Jan Horner

From Out of Nowhere

by (author) John Toone

Fatted Calf Blues

by (author) Steven Mayoff


by (author) A.S. Penne

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Criminal

by (author) Michael van Rooy

Fear Not

by (author) Maurice Mierau

she walks for days inside a thousand eyes

(a two-spirit story)

by (author) Sharron Proulx-Turner

Pale Blue Hope

Death and Life in Asian Peacekeeping

by (author) Ronald Poulton

Broken Wing, Fallen Sky

by (author) Fran Muir

Bush Camp

by (author) Marvin Francis

Talking to Wendigo

by (author) John C. Goodman

Red Dress, The

by (author) Paul Nicholas Mason

Rue the Day

by (author) Tanis MacDonald

Possible Life, A

by (author) Simone Chaput

Murder in Gutenthal

by (author) Armin Wiebe

Good Lie, The

by (author) D.F. Bailey

Vain Thing, A

by (author) Tom Wayman

Housekeeping Journals, The

by (author) Jim Nason

Be Wolf

A True Account of the Survival of Reinhold Kaletsch

by (author) Wayne Tefs

in Cars

by (author) Kimmy Beach

Penance Drummer, The

And Other Stories

by (author) Lois Braun

Sewing Room, The

by (author) Carla Funk

Queen of Diamonds

by (author) Catherine Hunter

Houdini's Shadow

by (author) Leo Brent Robillard

Beautiful Girl Thumb

by (author) Melissa Steele

Winnipeg Connection, The

Writing Lives at Mid-Century

edited by Birk Sproxton

Destiny's Telescope

by (author) Richard Scarsbrook

Headframe: 2

by (author) Birk Sproxton

Imagined City, The

A Literary History of Winnipeg

edited by David Arnason & Mhari Mackintosh

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