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Turnstone Press

Books from this publisher

Pale Grey Dot

by (author) Don Miasek

A Road Map for Finding Wild Horses

by (author) Trisia Eddy Woods

Twistical Nature of Spoons, The

by (author) Patti Grayson


by (author) Jason Pchajek

The Twistical Nature of Spoons

by (author) Patti Grayson

Monumental Manitoba

Roadside Attractions and More!

by (author) Meghan Kjartanson

Knife on Snow

by (author) Alice Major

Postmodern Weather Report

by (author) Kristian Enright


North-west 1885

by (author) Walter Hildebrandt


by (author) David Arnason

When the Sky Comes Looking For You

Short Trips Down the Thunder Road

by (author) Chadwick Ginther

Heart's Hydrography

by (author) Sally Ito

Stealing John Hancock

by (author) H. & A. Christensen

Sweetest Dance On Earth, The

New and Selected

by (author) Di Brandt

seas move away

by (author) Joanne Leow

Black Umbrella

by (author) Katherine Lawrence


by (author) Sarah Ens

The Best of the Bonnet

by (author) Andrew Unger

Best of the Bonnet, The

by (author) Andrew Unger

Dishonour in Camp 133

by (author) Wayne Arthurson

Death Becomes Us

by (author) Kristen Wittman

Nostalgia for Moving Parts

by (author) Diane Tucker

Cattail Skyline

by (author) Joanne Epp

Still Me

A Golf Tragedy in 18 Parts

by (author) Jeffrey John Eyamie

Once Removed

by (author) Andrew Unger

Tree of Life, The

by (author) Sarah Klassen

Bestiary, The

by (author) Dennis Cooley

Lunatic Engine

by (author) Paul Pearson

cold press moon

by (author) Dennis Cooley

On the Road with Mike Grandmaison

by (photographer) Mike Grandmaison


by (author) Joanna Lilley

World is Mostly Sky, The

by (author) Sarah Ens

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