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New Harbinger Publications

Books from this publisher

The Behavioral Activation Workbook for Depression

Powerful Strategies to Boost Your Mood and Build a Better Life

by (author) Nina Josefowitz & Stephen R. Swallow
foreword by Zindel V. Segal

The Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills Workbook for Shame

Powerful DBT Skills to Cope with Painful Emotions and Move Beyond Shame

by (author) Alexander L. Chapman & Kim L. Gratz

The Aging Well Workbook for Anxiety and Depression

CBT Skills to Help You Think Flexibly and Make the Most of Life at Any Age

by (author) Julie Erickson & Neil A. Rector
foreword by Robert L. Leahy

The Mindful Teen Workbook

Powerful Skills to Find Calm, Develop Self-Compassion, and Build Resilience

by (author) Patricia Rockman, Allison McLay & M. Lee Freedman

The Assertiveness Workbook

How to Express Your Ideas and Stand Up for Yourself at Work and in Relationships

by (author) Randy J. Paterson

Getting Comfortable with Uncertainty for Teens

10 Tips to Overcome Anxiety, Fear, and Worry

by (author) Juliana Negreiros & Katherine Martinez
foreword by Sheri L. Turrell

The Anxious Thoughts Workbook for Teens

CBT Skills to Quiet the Unwanted Negative Thoughts that Cause Anxiety and Worry

by (author) David A. Clark

The DBT Workbook for Emotional Relief

Fast-Acting Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills to Balance Out-of-Control Emotions and Find Calm Right Now

by (author) Sheri Van Dijk

Don't Let Your Emotions Run Your Life for Teens

Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills for Helping You Manage Mood Swings, Control Angry Outbursts, and Get Along with Others

by (author) Sheri Van Dijk

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction

Protocol, Practice, and Teaching Skills

by (author) Susan L. Woods & Patricia Rockman
foreword by Diane Reibel

The DBT Skills Workbook for Teen Self-Harm

Practical Tools to Help You Manage Emotions and Overcome Self-Harming Behaviors

by (author) Sheri Van Dijk

The Negative Thoughts Workbook

CBT Skills to Overcome the Repetitive Worry, Shame, and Rumination That Drive Anxiety and Depression

by (author) David A. Clark
foreword by Robert L. Leahy

Real Talk About Sex and Consent

What Every Teen Needs to Know

by (author) Cheryl M. Bradshaw

The Gratitude Project

How the Science of Thankfulness Can Rewire Our Brains for Resilience, Optimism, and the Greater Good

edited by Jeremy Adam Smith, Kira M. Newman & Jason Marsh

Goodnight Mind for Teens

Skills to Help You Quiet Noisy Thoughts and Get the Sleep You Need

by (author) Colleen E. Carney

The Earth Prescription

Discover the Healing Power of Nature with Grounding Practices for Every Season

by (author) Laura Koniver
foreword by Echan Deravy
afterword by Stephen Kroschel

How to Be Miserable in Your Twenties

40 Strategies to Fail at Adulting

by (author) Randy J. Paterson

Taking Sexy Back

How to Own Your Sexuality and Create the Relationships You Want

by (author) Alexandra H. Solomon
foreword by Lori Brotto

Eliminating Race-Based Mental Health Disparities

Promoting Equity and Culturally Responsive Care across Settings

edited by Monnica T. Williams, Daniel C. Rosen & Jonathan W. Kanter

The Racial Healing Handbook

Practical Activities to Help You Challenge Privilege, Confront Systemic Racism, and Engage in Collective Healing

by (author) Anneliese A. Singh
foreword by Tim Wise
afterword by Derald Wing Sue

Healthy Habits Suck

How to Get Off the Couch and Live a Healthy Life. . . Even If You Don't Want To

by (author) Dayna Lee-Baggley
foreword by Russ Harris

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy

Embodied Presence and Inquiry in Practice

by (author) Susan L. Woods, Patricia Rockman & Evan Collins

The Resilience Workbook for Teens

Activities to Help You Gain Confidence, Manage Stress, and Cultivate a Growth Mindset

by (author) Cheryl M. Bradshaw

Mindful Yoga-Based Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Simple Postures and Practices to Help Clients Achieve Emotional Balance

by (author) Timothy Gordon & Jessica Borushok
with Steve Ferrell

Buddha's Bedroom

The Mindful Loving Path to Sexual Passion and Lifelong Intimacy

by (author) Cheryl Fraser
foreword by Jack Kornfield & Trudy Goodman

The Mindfulness and Acceptance Workbook for Teen Anxiety

Activities to Help You Overcome Fears and Worries Using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

by (author) Sheri L. Turrell, Christopher McCurry & Mary Bell

A Clinician's Guide to Treating OCD

The Most Effective CBT Approaches for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

by (author) Jan van Niekerk
foreword by Christine Purdon

The Worry Workbook for Kids

Helping Children to Overcome Anxiety and the Fear of Uncertainty

by (author) Muniya S. Khanna & Deborah Roth Ledley
foreword by Tamar Chansky

Daring to Love

Move Beyond Fear of Intimacy, Embrace Vulnerability, and Create Lasting Connection

by (author) Tamsen Firestone
with Robert W. Firestone
foreword by Leslie S. Greenberg

The Worry Workbook

CBT Skills to Overcome Worry and Anxiety by Facing the Fear of Uncertainty

by (author) Melisa Robichaud & Kristin Buhr
foreword by Martin M. Antony

The Anxious Thoughts Workbook

Skills to Overcome the Unwanted Intrusive Thoughts that Drive Anxiety, Obsessions, and Depression

by (author) David A. Clark
foreword by Judith S. Beck

Kabalah Yoga

Embodying the Hidden Power of the Sacred Hebrew Letters

by (author) Audi Gozlan
foreword by Shiva Rea

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