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McGill-Queen's University Press

Books from this publisher

Faulkner's Women

The Myth and the Muse

by (author) David Williams

Transport in Transition

The Reorganization of the Federal Transport Portfolio

by (author) John W. Langford

Man's Impact on the Western Canadian Landscape

by (author) J.G. Nelson

The Law and the Press in Canada

by (author) Wilfred H. Kesterton

Eighteenth Century Newfoundland

A Geographer's Perspective

by (author) C. Grant Head


A Middle-Aged Power

by (author) John W. Holmes

The Frog Lake "Massacre"

Personal Perspectives on Ethnic Conflict

edited by Stuart Hughes

Canadian Indians and the Law

Selected Documents, 1663-1972

edited by Derek G. Smith

Minority Men in a Majority Setting

Middle-Level Francophones in the Canadaian Public Service

by (author) Christopher Beattie

Perspectives on Landscape and Settlement in Nineteenth-Century Ontario

edited by J. David Wood

The Canadian Bill of Rights

by (author) Walter Surma Tarnopolsky

Harpoon of the Hunter

by (author) Markoosie

Old Age Pensions and Policy-Making in Canada

by (author) Kenneth Bryden

Continental Community?

Independence and Integration in North America

edited by Andrew Axline

Essays on the Reconstruction of Medieval History

edited by Vaclav Murdoch & G.S. Couse

Freedom and Order

Collected Essays

by (author) Eugene Forsey
introduction by Donald Creighton

Philippe de Rigaud de Vaudreuil

Governor of New France, 1703-1725

by (author) Yves F. Zoltvan
foreword by W.J. Eccles

Adventures and Sufferings of John R. Jewitt, Captive Among the Nootka, 1803-1805

edited by Derek G. Smith

Consociational Democracy

Political Accommodation in Segmented Societies

edited by Kenneth D. McRae

Statistical Account of Upper Canada

by (author) Robert Gourlay

Renegade in Power

The Diefenbaker Years

by (author) Peter C. Newman
introduction by Denis Smith

Laurier and a Liberal Quebec

A Study in Political Management

by (author) H. Blair Neatby
edited by Richard T. Clippingdale

Cultural Ecology

Readings on the Canadian Indians and Eskimos

edited by Bruce Cox

Urban Development in South-Central Ontario

by (author) Jacob Spelt

The Last Forty Years

The Union of 1841 to Confederation

by (author) J.C. Dent
introduction by Donald Swainson

Languages in Conflict

The Canadian Experience

by (author) Richard J. Joy
preface by Frank G. Vallee

Perspectives on the North American Indians

by (author) Mark Nagler

Culture and Nationality

by (author) Alfred Goldsworthy Bailey

Canadian Foreign Policy, 1945-1954

Selected Speeches and Documents

edited by R.A. MacKay

A Catalogue of the Burney Family Correspondence, 1748-1878

edited by Joyce Hemlow & Jeanne M. Burgess

Historical Essays on the Prairie Provinces

by (author) Donald Swainson

Monck, Letters and Journals, 1863-1868

Canada From Government House at Confederation

edited by W.L. Morton

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