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Eschia Books

Books from this publisher

Raven and the First People

Legends of the Northwest Coast

by (author) Thomas George
read by Janice Ryan

Grandmother’s Stories

How the Earth and Sky Began

by (author) Daniel Auger
read by Nimet Kanji

Mother Earth Plants for Health & Beauty

Indigenous Plants, Traditions, and Recipes

by (author) Carrie Armstrong

Sunflower's Story

by (author) Sunflower Paul
illustrated by Chloe "Bluebird" Mustooche

Jaysen's Story

by (author) Jaysen Flett-Paul
illustrated by Chloe "Bluebrird" Mustooche


Kinship terms to make relationships with each other

by (author) Nakota Sioux Language Keepers
illustrated by Destry Love Roan

Spirit of Place

Earth, Wind, Sky and Water

by (author) Michael Leeb

Blood Red Summer

A Leo Desroches Mystery

by (author) Wayne Arthurson

Spirit Animals

Meanings & Stories

by (author) Wayne Arthurson

First Nations Recipes

a selection from coast to coast

by (author) Gregory Lepine

Sky Walker Tehawennihárhos

by (author) Susan Minsos

Legend of Pierre Bottineau and the Red River Trail, The

by (author) Ted Stone

Ghost Detective

by (author) Zachary Muswagon

Grandmother's Stories

How the Earth and Sky Began

by (author) Daniel Auger

Ashoona, Daughter of the Winds

An Inuit Woman's Journey

by (author) Yvonne Harris

In the Shadow of Our Ancestors

The Inventions and Genius of the First Peoples

by (author) Wayne Arthurson

Tom Longboat

Running Against the Wind

by (author) Will Cardinal

Victoria Callihoo

An Amazing Life

by (author) Cora Taylor

Watishka Warriors

by (author) Daniel Auger

First Nations Hockey Players

by (author) Will Cardinal