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Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing

Books from this publisher

Compostela (Tesseracts 20)

edited by Spider Robinson & James Alan Gardner

The Necromancer Candle

And Two Additional Tales of Contemporary Fantasy

by (author) Randy McCharles

The Devil Will Come

by (author) Justin Gustainis

Terminal City

by (author) Trevor Melanson

The Salarian Desert Game

by (author) J.A. McLachlan


Book One: Danay

by (author) Aviva Bel'Harold

Superhero Universe

Tesseracts Nineteen

edited by Claude Lalumière & Mark Shainblum

Europa Journal

by (author) Jack Castle


Tales of Murder, Mystery and the Macabre. Neo-Gothic fiction inspired by the imagination of Edgar Allan Poe

edited by Nancy Kilpatrick & Caro Soles
by (author) Margaret Atwood, Kelly Armstrong, Richard Christian Matheson, Tanith Lee, William F. Nolan, Nancy Holder & Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

Professor Challenger

New Worlds, Lost Places

by (author) J.R. Campbell & Charles Prepolec

Unholy Science

by (author) Lynda Williams

Tesseracts Eighteen

Wrestling With Gods

edited by Liana K & Jerome Stueart

Blood Matters

by (author) Aviva Bel'Harold

Clockwork Heart

Book One of the Clockwork Heart trilogy

by (author) Dru Pagliassotti

The Shadow Academy

by (author) Adrian Cole

Clockwork Secrets

Heavy Fire

by (author) Dru Pagliassotti

The Trillionist

by (author) Sagan Jeffries

Chilling Tales Two

In Words, Alas, Drown I

by (author) Michael Kelly

Coins of Chaos

edited by Jennifer Brozak

Tesseracts Seventeen

Speculating Canada from Coast to Coast to Coast

edited by Colleen Anderson & Steve Vernon

Holy War

by (author) Lynda Williams

The Urban Green Man

An Archetype of Renewal

edited by Adria Laycraft & Janice Blaine

The Puzzle Box

by (author) The Apocalyptic Four


by (author) Barbara Galler-Smith & Josh Langston

Vampyric Variations

by (author) Nancy Kilpatrick

Danse Macabre

Close Encounters with the Reaper

by (author) Nancy Kilpatrick

Tesseracts Sixteen

Parnassus Unbound

by (author) Mark Leslie

Healer's Sword

by (author) Lynda Williams


by (author) Dave Duncan

Tesseracts 15

A Case of Quite Curious Tales

edited by Susan McGregor & Julie Czerneda

Technicolor Ultra Mall

by (author) Ryan Oakley

Circle Tide

by (author) Rebecca K. Rowe

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