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Caitlin Press

Books from this publisher

Bloody Practice

Reflections on Doctoring Around the World

by (author) Sterling Haynes

Salish Elders

by (author) Wim Tewinkle

Mountains, Campfires & Memories

by (author) Jack Boudreau

Mixed Messages

by (author) Judith Lapadat

River Child

by (author) Eleanor Millard

The Adventures of Grey-Dawn

by (author) The Ghostwriter

The Last Three Hundred Miles

by (author) G. Stewart Nash

Curtained Windows, Lighted Rooms

by (author) Bal Sethi

Chasing Their Dreams

Chinese Settlement in the Northwest Region of British Columbia

by (author) Lily Chow

Pathways into the Mountains

by (author) Ken Belford

Country Doctor

A Memoir

by (author) Ben Dlin

Grizzly Bear Mountain

by (author) Jack Boudreau

Breaking Trail

The Autobiography of Len Marchand

by (author) Len Marchand & Matt Hughes

The Spruces

by (author) Rex Holmes

A Touch of Murder ... Now and Then

by (author) Murdoch Robertson

The Ghosts Behind Him

by (author) Doris Ray

The Creative Voice

Life and Art in the Okanagan

edited by Gary Pearson

Crazy Man's Creek

by (author) Jack Boudreau

Wild Liard Waters

by (author) Ferdi Wenger

The Colour of Water

by (author) Luanne Armstrong

Pembina Country

by (author) Paul Jones

The Colour of Gold

by (author) Margaret McKirdy

Forests Power Policy

The Legacy of Ray Williston

by (author) Eileen Williston
with Betty Keller

Cowboys and Dog Tales

by (author) Tim O'Byrne

Sojourners in the North

by (author) Lily Chow

Forbidden Mountains

by (author) Vivien Lougheed

One Gal's Army

by (author) Sue Ward

Hide and Seek

by (author) Margaret Thompson

Patience of Dearing Bay

by (author) Effie Fahey

Hazardous Pursuit

by (author) Bruce Strachan

A Traveller's Guide to Northern BC

by (author) Ken Coates & Carin Holroyd

North Coast Collected

edited by Dave Speck

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