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Caitlin Press

Books from this publisher

Sunrise Over Half-Built Houses

Love, Longing and Addiction in Suburbia

by (author) Erin Steele

Who Shot Estevan Light?

And Other Tales from the Salish Sea and Beyond

by (author) Douglas Hamilton

This Report is Strictly Confidential

by (author) Elizabeth Ruth


The Irreconcilable Nature of War, Loss and Consequence

by (author) Catherine Lang

The Flesh of Ice

by (author) Garry Gottfriedson

My Eyes Are Fuses

by (author) Norah Bowman

Death of Persephone

A Murder

by (author) Yvonne Blomer

Gumboots in the Straits

Nautical Adventures from Sointula to the Salish Sea

edited by Lou Allison
compiled by Jane Wilde

Little Fortified Stories

by (author) Barbara Black

Between the Bell Struck and the Silence

by (author) Pamela Porter

They Called Him a Radical

The Memoirs of Pete Maloff and the Making of a Doukhobor Pacifist

by (author) Pete Maloff
with Vera Maloff

Dancing on Mountains

edited by Luanne Armstrong

Arctic Patrol

Canada’s Fight for Arctic Sovereignty

by (author) Eric Jamieson

Apocalypse Child

Surviving Doomsday and the Search for Identity at the End of the World

by (author) Carly Butler

Water Confidential

Witnessing Justice Denied—The Fight for Safe Drinking Water in Indigenous and Rural Communities in Canada

by (author) Susan Blacklin
foreword by Warren Goulding, Erin Poochay & John O'Connor

Blood of Stone

by (author) Tariq Malik

We Follow the River

by (author) Onjana Yawnghwe

Sisters of the Spruce

by (author) Leslie Shimotakahara

Permission to Land

A Memoir of Loss, Discovery, and Identity

by (author) Judy LeBlanc

The Weight of Survival

by (author) Tina Biello

Hazard, Home

by (author) Christine Lowther


by (author) Christopher Levenson

Accidental Blooms

by (author) Keiko Honda

Absence of Wings

by (author) Arleen Paré

A Brief and Endless Sea

by (author) Barbara Pelman

Rains, At Times Heavy

by (author) Debi Goodwin

Knots and Stitches

Community Quilts Across the Harbour

by (author) Kristin Miller

Gumboot Guys

Nautical Adventures on British Columbia's North Coast

edited by Lou Allison
compiled by Jane Wilde

The Eventful Life of Philip Hankin

Worldwide Traveller and Witness to British Columbia's Early History

by (author) Geoff Mynett

Burning Sage

Poems from the Lytton fire

by (author) Meghan Fandrich


Homage to P.K. Page

edited by Yvonne Blomer & D.C. Reid

Talking to the Story Keepers

Tales from the Chilcotin Plateau

by (author) Sage Birchwater

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