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Caitlin Press

Books from this publisher

Rising Tides

Reflections for Climate Changing Times

edited by Catriona Sandilands

Goat Lady's Daughter

by (author) Rosella Leslie

Dispatches from Ray's Planet

by (author) Claire Finlayson

The List of Last Chances

by (author) Christina Myers

Beyond the Legal Limit

Surviving a Collision with a Drunk Driver

by (author) Pat Henman

Crooked Thing, The

by (author) Mary MacDonald

Essential Tremor


by (author) Barbara Nickel

Chiru Sakura--Falling Cherry Blossoms

A Mother & Daughter's Journey through Racism, Internment and Oppression

by (author) Grace Eiko Thomson

Pinkerton's and the Hunt for Simon Gunanoot

Double Murder, Secret Agents and an Elusive Outlaw

by (author) Geoff Mynett

The Fifth

A Love(s) Story

by (author) M.P. Boisvert
translated by Monica Meneghetti

Atlas of Roots

by (author) Beth Kope

Run Riot

Ninety Poems in Ninety Days

by (author) Ash Winters

Lost Lagoon/lost in thought

by (author) Betsy Warland

Oscar of Between

A Memoir of Identity and Ideas

by (author) Betsy Warland

Our Backs Warmed by the Sun

Memories of a Doukhobor Life

by (author) Vera Maloff

Balancing Bountiful

What I Learned about Feminism from My Polygamist Grandmothers

by (author) Mary Jayne Blackmore

The Crooked Thing


by (author) Mary MacDonald

Finding Heartstone

A Taste of Wilderness

by (author) Cathy Sosnowsky


Stories about Life in Plus-Sized Bodies

edited by Christina Myers
contributions by Layla Cameron, Rabbit Richards, Simone Blais, Jo Jefferson, Rohini Bannerjee, Cate Root, Sally Quon, Tracy Manrell, Jen Arbo, Lynne Jones, Sonja Boon, Jessie Blair, Heather van Mil, Cassie Stocks, Jennifer Pownall, Caroline Many, Shadoe Ball, Ama Scriver, Katy Weicker, Emily Allan, Heather M. Jones, Hansell Andrea, Elizabeth Cook, Tara Mandarano & Susan Alexander

Small Courage

A Queer Memoir of Finding Love and Conceiving Family

by (author) Jane Byers

Hammer & Nail

Notes of a Journeywoman

by (author) Kate Braid

The Hammer of Witches

by (author) Kelly Rose Pflug-Back

The Burden of Gravity

by (author) Shannon McConnell

Wild Fierce Life

Dangerous Moments on the Outer Coast

by (author) Joanna Streetly

A One-Handed Novel, A

by (author) Kim Clark

The Kissing Fence

by (author) B.A. Thomas-Peter


The Life of BC's Legendary Packer

by (author) Susan Smith-Josephy & Irene Bjerky

Voice in the Wild

by (author) Laurie Sarkadi

Sweet Water

Poems for the Watersheds

edited by Yvonne Blomer

The Trials of Albert Stroebel

Love, Murder and Justice at the End of the Frontier

by (author) Chad Reimer


by (author) Kim Goldberg

Lost Lagoon / Lost in Thought

by (author) Betsy Warland

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