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Black Moss Press

Books from this publisher

First I Fold the Mountain

by (author) Terry Ann Carter

At The End, Beginnings

by (author) Christopher Lawrence Menard

Marshwood Songs

by (author) Nick Hildenbrand & Jovan Stefanov

Walk in the Woods

Portrait of the Ojibway Prairie Complex

by (author) Mary Ann Mulhern & Marty Gervais
screenplay by Alexei Ungurenasu

Lucien and Olivia

by (author) André Narbonne

There Will Be Fish

by (author) Peter Hrastovec

For Writers

A Memoir

by (author) Bruce Meyer

Something Else

… be quiet, sit down, you are drunk and this is the edge of the roof …

by (author) John B. Lee

From God's Angle

by (author) Robert Hilles

Cuba's Blue Sky In My Pocket

by (author) Richard M. Grove

Little Miracles

by (author) Victoria Butler

To Make a Bridge

by (author) Antonia Facciponte

At the End of the World

by (author) Michael Mirolla

Grace of Falling Stars

by (author) Bruce Meyer

The Mission

by (author) Douglas MacClellan

The Yellow House

by (author) Paulette Rivait

Prompted By Happiness

by (author) Elizabeth Zetlin

A Thousand Ways to Kiss the Earth

by (author) Lisa Shatzky

The Way History Dries

by (author) Keith Inman

So Am I


by (author) Samantha Badaoa

Suck and Spit

by (author) Laurie Smith

Fire and Water

by (author) Laurence Hutchman & Eva Kolacz

Midnight Moon Sings of Murder

by (author) Mary Ann Mulhern

Pressing Matters

Black Moss Press 50th Anniversary Book

by (author) Bruce Meyer

Moths That Drink the Tears of Sleeping Birds

by (author) John B. Lee

Mara's Lamp

by (author) Don Gutteridge

Wenchikaneit Visions

by (author) D.A. Lockhart


Love Poems

by (author) Robert Hilles

In the Face of It

Photographs from Leamington, Uganda, Windsor, and Zimbabwe

by (author) Douglas MacLellan

The House of Shifting Time

by (author) Laurence Hutchman


by (author) Robert Hilles

Morning Song

by (author) Carlinda D'Alimonte

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