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Baraka Books

Books from this publisher


They Made Cars and They Made Plans: Reds & an International Rank and File Unionized GM

by (author) Tony Leah

Looking for Her

by (author) Carolyn Marie Souaid

Dear Haider

by (author) Lili Zeng

In the Shadow of Crows

by (author) M.V. Feehan


by (author) Maxime Raymond Bock
translated by Mélissa Bull

But We Built Roads for Them

The Lies, Racism and False Memories around Italy's Colonial Past

by (author) Francesco Filippi
translated by Domenic Cusmano
introduction by Robin Philpot

The Thickness of Ice

by (author) Gerard Beirne

Arsenic mon amour

Letters of Love and Rage

by (author) Gabrielle Izaguirré-Falardeau & Jean-Lou David
translated by Mary O'Connor

Canada's Long Fight Against Democracy

by (author) Yves Engler & Owen Schalk

The Seven Nations of Canada 1660-1860

Solidarity, Vision, and Independence in the St. Lawrence Valley

by (author) Jean-Pierre Sawaya
translated by Katherine Hastings
introduction by Patricia Culliford

The Calf with Two Heads

Transatlantic Natural History in the Canadas

by (author) Louisa Blair


by (author) Luke Francis Beirne

School for Girls

by (author) Ariane Lessard
translated by Frances Pope

Cities Matter

A Montrealer's Ode to Jane Jacobs, Economist

by (author) Charles-Albert Ramsay

Almost Visible

by (author) Michelle Sinclair

Shaf and the Remington

by (author) Rana Bose

Rosa's Very Own Personal Revolution

by (author) Eric Dupont
translated by Peter McCambridge


by (author) Rana Bose
read by Nicolas Van Burek

The Killer's Henchman

Capitalism and the Covid-19 Disaster

by (author) Stephen Gowans

The Ghost of Suzuko

by (author) Vincent Brault
translated by Benjamin Hedley


by (author) Soucy Jean-Yves
read by Braden Wright
translated by Peter McCambridge


by (author) Maude Veilleux
read by A.J. Bridel
translated by Aleshia Jensen & Aimee Wall

In Every Wave

by (author) Charles Quimper
read by Max Lloyd-Jones
translated by Guil Lefebvre

The Great Absquatulator

by (author) Frank Mackey
introduction by Aly (alias Webster) Ndiaye

The Woman in Valencia

by (author) Annie Perreault
read by Helena Marie
translated by Ann Marie Boulanger

Free of ‘Incurable’ Cancer

Living in Overtime

by (author) Susan Paton
read by Sue Rogers

Serving Life

A Nurse Lintion, Detective Bellechasse Mystery Novel

by (author) Richard King


by (author) Luke Francis Beirne

Montreal and the Bomb

by (author) Gilles Sabourin
translated by Katherine Hastings

To See Out the Night

by (author) David Clerson
translated by Katia Grubisic


by (author) Jean-Yves Soucy
introduction by Romeo Saganash
translated by Peter McCambridge


by (author) Jim Upton

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