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Arsenal Pulp Press

Books from this publisher

One Thousand Mustaches

A Cultural History of the Mo

by (author) Allan Peterkin

The Lava in My Bones

by (author) Barry Webster

Bull Head

by (author) John Vigna

The Tastes of Ayurveda

More Healthful, Healing Recipes for the Modern Ayurvedic

by (author) Amrita Sondhi

The New Granville Island Market Cookbook

by (author) Judie Glick & Carol Jensson


The Titanic Poems

by (author) Billeh Nickerson

The Anti-Capitalist Resistance Comic Book

From the WTO to the G20

by (author) Gord Hill


Writing from Vancouver's Downtown Eastside

edited by John Mikhail Asfour & Elee Kraljii Gardiner

Basement of Wolves

A novel

by (author) Daniel Allen Cox

One in Every Crowd


by (author) Ivan Coyote

Shoot It!

Hollywood Inc. and the Rising of Independent Film

by (author) David Spaner

Stan Douglas: Abbott & Cordova, 7 August 1971

by (author) Stan Douglas
contributions by Alexander Alberro, Nora M. Alter, Serge Guilbaut, Sven Lutticken & Jesse Proudfoot

Zero Patience

A Queer Film Classic

by (author) Susan Knabe & Wendy Gay Pearson
series edited by Thomas Waugh & Matthew Hays

Word Is Out

A Queer Film Classic

by (author) Greg Youmans
series edited by Thomas Waugh & Matthew Hays

Death in Venice

A Queer Film Classic

by (author) Will Aitken
series edited by Thomas Waugh & Matthew Hays

The Only Poetry That Matters

Reading the Kootenay School of Writing

by (author) Clint Burnham

Class Warfare

by (author) D.M. Fraser


by (author) Betty Lambert


Pray for Hardship & Other Poems

by (author) Jon Furberg
foreword by Stephen Osborne

The Inverted Gaze

Queering the French Literary Classics in America

by (author) Francois Cusset
translated by David Homel


The Art of Unexpected Embroidery

by (author) Leanne Prain
photographs by Jeff Christenson


by (author) Jennifer K. Chung

The Dirt Chronicles

by (author) Kristyn Dunnion

Beauty Plus Pity

by (author) Kevin Chong

We Sure Can!

How Jams and Pickles Are Reviving the Lure and Lore of Local Food

by (author) Sarah B. Hood

Talk - Action = 0

An Illustrated History of D.O.A.

by (author) Joe Keithley

language is not the only thing that breaks

by (author) Proma Tagore


All Ways Butch and Femme

edited by Ivan Coyote & Zena Sharman

Anticipated Results

by (author) Dennis E. Bolen

Venus with Biceps

A Pictorial History of Muscular Women

by (author) David L. Chapman
with Patricia Vertinsky

Montreal Main

A Queer Film Classic

series edited by Thomas Waugh & Matthew Hays
by (author) Jason Garrison


A Queer Film Classic

by (author) Shohini Ghosh
series edited by Thomas Waugh & Matthew Hays

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