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2019 Alcuin Society Book Design Awards

The Alcuin Society Awards for Excellence in Book Design in Canada is the only national competition for book design in the country. This year’s judges, Teresa Bubela, Emma Novotny, and Matt Warburton, selected 53 winning titles from 237 submissions, from 9 provinces and 112 publishers. This year’s book design winners are:

by Kerry Clare

Hello, Crow

by (author) Candace Savage
illustrated by Chelsea O'Byrne

Anne's Alphabet

Inspired by Anne of Green Gables

illustrated by Kelly Hill

Hawks Kettle, Puffins Wheel

And Other Poems of Birds in Flight

by (author) Susan Vande Griek
illustrated by Mark Hoffmann

It Began With a Page

How Gyo Fujikawa Drew the Way

by (author) Kyo Maclear
illustrated by Julie Morstad


illustrated by Julie Flett

King Mouse

by (author) Cary Fagan
illustrated by Dena Seiferling

Alma and the Beast

by (author) Esmé Shapiro

Beastly Puzzles

A Brain-Boggling Animal Guessing Game

by (author) Rachel Poliquin
illustrated by Byron Eggenschwiler

Agnes, Murderess

by (author) Sarah Leavitt


by (author) Sylvia Nickerson

Clyde Fans

by (author) Seth

Place Into Being

by (author) Robert Pasternak

Toronto Makes

The Things We Love and the People Who Make Them

by (author) Randi Bergman

Toronto's Inclusive Modernity

The Architecture of Jerome Markson

by (author) Laura J. Miller
foreword by George Baird
contributions by Scott Norsworthy

I Become a Delight to My Enemies

by (author) Sara Peters

let us not think of them as barbarians

by (author) Peter Midgley


by (author) Doyali Islam


A Novel

by (author) Michael Christie

Melting Queen, The

by (author) Bruce Cinnamon


by (author) Ian Williams

Children of the Moon

by (author) Anthony De Sa


by (author) Karen Hofmann

The Student

by (author) Cary Fagan

The Awesome Music Project Canada

Songs of Hope and Happiness

by (author) Terry Stuart & Robert Carli

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