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Book Lists

History from Atlantic Canada

A collection of new history books from Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland and Labrador

by Heather Fegan · Tagged maritimes, past, history, atlantic, canada, books

Maritime Murder

Deadly Crimes from the Buried Past

by (author) Steve Vernon

Destination White Point

by (author) Frances Jewel Dickson

True Stories from Nova Scotia's Past

by (author) Dianne Marshall

Cumberland County Facts and Folklore

by (author) Laurie Glenn Norris

Historic New Glasgow, Stellarton, Westville and Trenton

An Illustrated History of New Glasgow and area

by (author) Monica Graham

A Neighbourly War

New Brunswick and the War of 1812

by (author) Robert L. Dallison

Twenty-First Century Irvings (Revised)

by (author) Harvey Sawler

Titanic Victims in Halifax Graveyards revised edition

by (author) Blair Beed

Halifax and Titanic

by (author) John Boileau

The Discovery of Weather

Stephen Saxby, the tumultuous birth of weather forecasting, and Saxby's Gale of 1869

by (author) Jerry Lockett

Ghost Islands of Nova Scotia

by (author) Mike Parker

Buried in the Woods

by (author) Mike Parker

A Portrait of Lunenburg County

Photographs and Stories from a Vanished Way of Life

by (author) Peter Barss

Company Store

J.B.McLachlan and the Cape Breton Miners, 1900-1925

by (author) John Mellor

New Brunswick's Early Roads

The Routes that Shaped the Province

by (author) Ronald Rees

Nova Scotia's Historic Rivers

The Waterways That Shaped the Province

by (author) Joan Dawson

Lighthouses of New Brunswick

Past and Present

by (author) Kraig Anderson & Kelly Anne Loughery

Inventing Academic Freedom

The 1968 Strax Affair at the University of New Brunswick

by (author) Peter C. Kent

Miramichi Facts and Folklore

by (author) Ken Smith

South Shore Facts & Folklore

by (author) Vernon Oickle