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Books by Maclean's

Canada's Greatest Unsolved Mysteries

by (author) Maclean's

Maclean's on the Senate Scandals

From Wallin to Duffy to Wright, how the Senate became the symbol of all that's wrong with Ottawa

by (author) Maclean's, Colby Cosh, Scott Feschuk, Jonathon Gatehouse, John Geddes, Anne Kingston, Paul Wells & Aaron Wherry

Maclean's Guide to Jobs in Canada

by (author) Maclean's

Putin's Death Grip

How Vladimir Putin's desperate hold on power is fueling the next revolution

by (author) Michael Petrou & Maclean's

The New Brain

by (author) Maclean's

Rob Ford

The rise and fall of Canada's most notorious mayor

by (author) Maclean's, Nicholas Köhler, Emma Teitel, Ivor Tossell & Paul Wells

Maclean's Book of Lists: Volume 2

by (author) Maclean's

50 Mind-blowing Discoveries That Will Change the World

by (author) Kate Lunau, Carolyn Abraham, Nicholas Köhler, Tamsin McMahon, Rosemary Westwood, Rosemary Counter & Maclean's

#GoodMorningEarth: Chris Hadfield

The Inside Story

by (author) Kate Lunau & Maclean's

Maclean's on Justin Trudeau

The New Liberal Leader: A Life Lived in the Spotlight

by (author) Maclean's, Colby Cosh, Scott Feschuk, Jonathon Gatehouse, John Geddes, Nicholas Köhler, Ken MacQueen, Peter C. Newman, Martin Patriquin, Paul Wells & Aaron Wherry

Maclean’s Portraits

100 Years of Celebrity, Power and Personality

by (author) Maclean's, Barbara Amiel, Joseph Boyden, Rosemary Counter & Jacob Richler

Doomed: The untold story behind the collapse of the Elliot Lake mall

A special Maclean's investigation

by (author) Michael Friscolanti & Maclean's

Who Was Canada’s Best Prime Minister?

A Maclean’s Debate, Featuring Richard Gwyn and Allan Levine

by (author) Maclean's, Richard Gwyn & Allan Levine

Canada's Most Notorious Crimes

Cases That Shocked a Nation

by (author) Maclean's

The Best of The End 2012

A Collection of Maclean's Most Beloved Obituaries

by (author) Maclean's

Maclean's on Pierre Trudeau

The life and legacy of Canada's most colourful prime minister

by (author) Maclean's

Feschuk on the Holidays

‘It’s A Wonderful Deal’ and other seasonal classics, hidden messages in Xmas carols, PLUS an exclusive liveblog from Holiday Baby

by (author) Scott Feschuk & Maclean's

Maclean's on Barack Obama

His meteoric rise, his challenging first term as president—and the fight of his life, in 2012. Dispatches from Washington

by (author) Luiza Ch Savage, Jonathon Gatehouse, Charlie Gillis, Aaron Wherry, Kate Lunau & Maclean's

Scientology's Plan for Canada

by (author) Nicholas Köhler & Maclean's

The Maclean’s Interviews, Volume 2: Artists and Thinkers

In Conversation with Kenneth Whyte

by (author) Kenneth Whyte & Maclean's

The Maclean’s Interviews, Volume 1: Politics and Power

In Conversation with Kenneth Whyte

by (author) Kenneth Whyte & Maclean's

Maclean's on Jack Layton

by (author) Maclean's

Death on Everest

by (author) Jonathon Gatehouse & Maclean's

The Shafia Honour Killing Trial

The Full Story of a Crime That Shook the Nation

by (author) Michael Friscolanti & Maclean's

Pierre Berton on the Young Queen Elizabeth II

In 1953, Maclean’s Sent a Special Correspondent Behind the Scenes of the Royal Household. A Seven Part Series from the Pages of the Magazine

by (author) Pierre Berton & Maclean's

From the Pages of Maclean's: The Queen

Seven Decades of Royal Writing from the Pages of Maclean’s

by (author) Maclean's

The Harper Decade

Inside the Fight to Remake Canada

by (author) Paul Wells & Maclean's