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list price: $26.95
category: Medical
published: Aug 2019

The Vagina Bible

The vulva and the vagina--separating the myth from the medicine

by Jen Gunter

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0 of 5
0 ratings
list price: $26.95
category: Medical
published: Aug 2019

From Canadian OB/GYN, women's health advocate and New York Times columnist Dr. Jen Gunter: The Vagina Bible is a comprehensive, accessible antidote to the maelstrom of misinformation around female sexual health, and the ultimate guide to everything a person needs to know about the vagina and vulva.

We are well into the twenty-first century and have access to more information than ever before, yet many people don't know that a vagina is self-cleaning, condoms should be used with a lubricant, eating sugar doesn't cause a yeast infection, and sex shouldn't be painful. As a physician with twenty-five years of clinical experience, Dr. Jen Gunter is all too familiar with the fears, fallacies and misinformation that abound about vaginal health. On Twitter, she hilariously exposes unscientific wellness advice and debunks potentially harmful and stunningly unnecessary products from "vagina profiteers." Dr. Gunter knows the questions women (and men) have about female sexual health, and in The Vagina Bible, she answers them all.
  •  the sixteen-year-old trying to figure out tampons;
  •   the twenty-six-year-old wondering how to avoid a UTI;
  •  the thirty-six-year-old trans woman navigating her new anatomy;
  •  the forty-six-year-old worried about the changing appearance of her vulva;
  •  the fifty-six-year-old looking into the HPV vaccine for her daughter (and maybe herself);
  •  the sixty-six-year-old experiencing painful sex;
The Vagina Bible offers a repository of accurate information based on science, and delivered with wit and wisdom. This is the fact-based, inclusive, and empowering guide you deserve to advocate for your own body.

Contributor Notes

DR. JEN GUNTER is an obstetrician and gynecologist with nearly three decades of experience as a vulvar and vaginal diseases expert. Soon to be profiled as an ELLE Magazine Woman to Watch, she has been called Twitter's resident gynecologist, the Internet's OB/GYN, and a fierce advocate for women's health. She writes two regular columns for The New York Times, called "The Cycle" (monthly) and "You Asked" (weekly), and has written for a broad range of outlets, from academic publications to The New Republic, Chatelaine, Self, The Cut, and many more.

For more information, follow @DrJenGunter or visit www.DrJenGunter.com

Editorial Review


“With The Vagina Bible, Gunter hopes to give women their combat armour. The clear-eyed encyclopedia touches on just about every matter. . . . While the Twitter-loving OB/GYN is certainly not the first to dispel these myths about women’s sexuality, today, she holds the loudest megaphone.” —The Globe and Mail

The Vagina Bible is written for all women, but should also be read by men, and has special relevance for health care providers, the media, and celebrities promoting ‘wellness products.’ It is truly a one-stop shop for the latest science and facts about the vagina and vulva.” —Lori A. Brotto, Ph.D., Canada Research Chair in Women’s Sexual Health, Executive Director of the Women’s Health Research Institute, and author of Better Sex Through Mindfulness
“Women must wade through a constant barrage of misinformation and fake health claims about their bodies. Dr. Jen Gunter is the warrior-in-chief in the battle against fake vagina news, and her book arms us with the facts we need to join that fight.” —Dr. Danielle Martin, author of Better Now: Six Big Ideas to Improve Health Care for All Canadians
“Dr. Jen Gunter’s The Vagina Bible brilliantly dispels myths and imparts knowledge with large doses of wit, wisdom and invaluable advice. This empowering and engaging resource belongs on every woman’s bookshelf.” —Ami McKay, author of The Birth House

“Whether she is debunking the damage done by Freud or providing the low down on the science of sex, Dr. Gunter provides a frank, funny and thoroughly science-informed perspective. This is the exact kind of book the world needs right now. Gunter pulls no punches and provides a clear and concise summation of the facts on every vagina-related topic you can think of. Seriously. Everything. The world needs more Jen!” —Timothy Caulfield, author of Is Gwyneth Paltrow Wrong About Everything?

“This book is basically everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the vagina but were afraid to ask.” —Imani Gandy, Senior Legal Analyst, Rewire News

“Men who want to understand the experiences of their partners or provide sound guidance to their daughters should turn to The Vagina Bible. Jen Gunter offers authoritative information with her trademark clarity and good humor.” —Carl Zimmer, author of She Has Her Mother’s Laugh: The Powers, Perversions, and Potential of Heredity

“Dr. Jen Gunter is a fountain of critically important information and she’s funny as hell. Buy this book if you have a vagina or if you spend any time at all in reasonably close proximity to one.” —Ayelet Waldman, New York Times bestselling author of A Really Good Day

The Vagina Bible is an extremely important book, not only for all women but also all men. So many women have suffered shame and discomfort due to a complete lack of knowledge about how their sexual organs are designed to look, feel and behave. In her book, Dr. Gunter shines a much needed light on this very private subject aimed at bringing facts, confidence and joy into the personal lives of readers.” —Miranda Esmonde-White, author of Aging Backwards

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