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Unequal under Socialism

Race, Women, and Transnationalism in Bulgaria

by (author) Miglena S. Todorova

Women, Power, and Political Representation

Canadian and Comparative Perspectives

edited by Roosmarijn de Geus, Erin Tolley, Elizabeth Goodyear-Grant & Peter John Loewen

Hysteria in Performance

by (author) Jenn Cole

All Things in Common

A Canadian Family and Its Island Utopia

by (author) Ruth Brouwer

All Things in Common

A Canadian Family and Its Island Utopia

by (author) Ruth Brouwer

Demanding Equality

One Hundred Years of Canadian Feminism

by (author) Joan Sangster

The Menopause Manifesto

Own Your Health with Facts and Feminism

by (author) Jen Gunter


Misogyny, White Supremacy and Settler Colonialism

by (author) Kimberly A. Williams

Permanent Carnival Time

by (author) Colin Smith

Frontiers of Feminism

Movements and Influences in Québec and Italy, 1960–80

by (author) Jacinthe Michaud

Intelligent Love

The Story of Clara Park, Her Autistic Daughter, and the Myth of the Refrigerator Mother

by (author) Marga Vicedo

Women, Film, and Law

Cinematic Representations of Female Incarceration

by (author) Suzanne Bouclin

The Trial of Jeanne Catherine

Infanticide in Early Modern Geneva

by (author) Sarah Beam

Queen of the Maple Leaf

Beauty Contests and Settler Femininity

by (author) Patrizia Gentile

Ours by Every Law of Right and Justice

Women and the Vote in the Prairie Provinces

by (author) Sarah Carter

Take Back The Fight

Organizing Feminism for the Digital Age

by (author) Nora Loreto

Compelled to Act

Histories of Women's Activism in Western Canada 

edited by Sarah Carter & Nanci Langford

A Better Justice?

Community Programs for Criminalized Women

by (author) Amanda Nelund

Women in Radio

Unfiltered Voices from Canada

edited by Geneviève A. Bonin-Labelle
contributions by Helen Aitkin, Constance Dilley, Barbara M. Freeman, Chantal Dumas, Helen Hambly, Linda Kay, Anna Leventhal, Christine Maki, Andra McCartney, Catherine McInnis, Tanis Mcknight-Howe, Lise Millette, Ross E. Perigoe, Gertrude J. Robinson, Patti Schmidt, Anita Marie Slominska, Gregory Taylor, Sophie Toupin, Marian van der Zon & Angela Wilson

The Juggling Mother

Coming Undone in the Age of Anxiety

by (author) Amanda Watson

Fairly Equal

Lawyering the Feminist Revolution

by (author) Linda Silver Dranoff
read by Shaina Silver-Baird

A Great Revolutionary Wave

Women and the Vote in British Columbia

by (author) Lara Campbell

Making the Best of It

Women and Girls of Canada and Newfoundland during the Second World War

edited by Sarah Glassford & Amy Shaw

The Oracle

The Queen, the Princess, and the Whore

by (author) Stefan Aarnio

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