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Random House of Canada

Books from this publisher

Iron Mike

My Life Behind the Bench

by (author) Mike Keenan & Scott Morrison

Mind the Science

Saving your Mental Health from the Wellness Industry

by (author) Jonathan N. Stea

Our Green Heart

The Soul and Science of Forests

by (author) Diana Beresford-Kroeger

At a Loss for Words

Conversation in the Age of Rage

by (author) Carol Off

Knives, Seasoning, and a Dash of Love

by (author) Katrina Kwan

The Outlier

by (author) Elisabeth Eaves

The Book of Elsewhere

A Novel

by (author) Keanu Reeves & China Miéville


Climate Change, Colonialism and Life Before the Fire

by (author) Peter Edwards & Kevin Loring


by (author) Gwen Tuinman

The Mother Act

by (author) Heidi Reimer

Closer Together

Knowing Ourselves, Loving Each Other

by (author) Sophie Grégoire Trudeau

Out of Darkness

Rumana Monzur's Journey through Betrayal, Tyranny and Abuse

by (author) Denise Chong

A Sweet Sting of Salt

A Novel

by (author) Rose Sutherland

The Peace

A Warrior's Journey

by (author) Romeo Dallaire

Intervention Earth

Life-Saving Ideas from the World's Climate Engineers

by (author) Gwynne Dyer

Monday Rent Boy

by (author) Susan Doherty

The Afterpains

by (author) Anna Julia Stainsby

Our Crumbling Foundation

How We Solve Canada's Housing Crisis

by (author) Gregor Craigie


My Fight for Freedom and Human Rights in Afghanistan

by (author) Sima Samar
with Sally Armstrong

I'm So Glad We Had This Time Together

A Memoir

by (author) Maurice Vellekoop

Far Cry

by (author) Alissa York

The Cure for Drowning

by (author) Loghan Paylor


The science, medicine, and mythology of menstruation

by (author) Jen Gunter

The Bittlemores

by (author) Jann Arden


A Champion's Life

by (author) Donovan Bailey

The Defector

by (author) Chris Hadfield

Moon of the Turning Leaves

by (author) Waubgeshig Rice

Playing the Long Game

A Memoir

by (author) Christine Sinclair

Do You Remember Being Born?

by (author) Sean Michaels

The Tenth Nerve

A Brain Surgeon's Stories of the Patients Who Changed Him

by (author) Chris Honey

Like Every Form of Love

A Memoir of Friendship and True Crime

by (author) Padma Viswanathan

Paper Trails

From the Backwoods to the Front Page, a Life in Stories

by (author) Roy MacGregor

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