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Health & Fitness Alzheimer's & Dementia

The Brain Boosting Diet

Feed Your Memory

by (author) Norene Gilletz & Edward Wein

Whitecap Books
Initial publish date
Dec 2019
Alzheimer's & Dementia, Aging, General
  • Paperback / softback

    Publish Date
    Dec 2019
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"Of all the things I've lost, I miss memory the most."
Mark Twain

This book is designed to help people cope with memory loss through diet.

Packed with over 200 delicious recipes ranging from appetizers to main courses, from soups, to fish, to desserts. The recipes are have been developed by well-respected Canadian cookbook author Norene Gilletz, each of which receives a solid commentary from Dr Edward Wein, Brain Boosting Diet provides both health and nutritional advice for people with memory loss.

Another important purpose of the book is to show the reader how to slow down potential cognitive decline.

  • LEARN how diet fits with other lifestyle measures to stave off memory loss and reduce the risk of Alzheimer's and dementia.
  • BECOME AWARE of the 3 deadly dietary sins that put your body and brain at risk:
    1. Too much food,
    2. Too much sugar and carbohydrates, and
    3. Too much processed foods.
  • IDENTIFY foods that help prevent cognitive decline and those that accelerate it.
  • CHOOSE a brain beneficial diet plan based on your personal preference. Plant Based. Med Diet. MIND Diet. BBD (Brain Boosting Diet).
  • DISCOVER how to maximize the brain benefit of your chosen diet plan by selective food combinations and preparation. An approach not previously published.
  • UNDERSTAND the role of supplements in a brain-healthy diet and choose those that are worth taking.
  • FIND tidbits of interesting information interspersed throughout the text as well as "Dr. Ed Says" notes on the brain nutrition value of each of the recipes, like:
    • Our human hunter gatherer ancestors of 10,000 years ago had better nutrition than our farming ancestors until a couple of hundred years ago. This was because the former ate a variety of foods they could find, rather than trying to exist on one or a few farmed crops which offered limited nutrition.
    • Of the thousands of substances involved in human metabolism, about 50 need to be supplied by diet. The other compounds can be supplied by the metabolic processes of the body.

"If we don't use food as our medicine, we will use medicine as our food."

About the authors

Norene Gilletz, a leading author of kosher cookbooks, is the owner of Gourmania Inc. ( She divides her time between her work as a food writer, culinary consultant, cooking teacher/lecturer, food manufacturer, and culinary spokesperson. Norene is a Certified Culinary Professional with IACP (International Association of Culinary Professionals) and has expertise in a wide variety of health concerns and special diets. Norene has done hundreds of personal appearances and demonstrations throughout North America. The mother of three and grandmother of five, Norene lives in Toronto and can usually be found in or nearby a kitchen.

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Editorial Reviews

"Packed with over 150 recipes provided by cookbook author Norene Gilletz and including insightful commentary on each one from Dr. Edward Wein...This is an illustrated health cookbook that is loaded with solid health and nutritional advice."
Midwest Book Review

"Just what the doctor ordered! This much needed science-based resource offers fast, fantastic, family recipes to boost brain health. It's tip-packed and nutrition-packed, with helpful hacks for the busy cook. This comprehensive guide uses readily available ingredients, with many vegetarian, dairy-free, Passover, and gluten-free options. An essential addition to your cookbook collection."
Jamie Geller, six-time best-selling cookbook author, founder and CEO of Jamie of Kosher Network International

"The Brain Boosting Diet is a terrific, eye-opening gem of a book. This comprehensive, informative resource is based on the latest science on how and why diet can help retain memory and cognitive function. It further optimizes the Mediterranean and MIND diet plans with a collection of 200+ delicious recipes by renowned cookbook author Norene Gilletz. This book will forever change the way you think about food and the food choices you make."
Renee Unger, Former Founder and Co-Owner of Renee's Gourmet and Former "Woman Entrepeneur of the Year"

"Norene Gilletz and Dr. Edward Wein are both experts in their respective fields, and their combined expertise provides the perfect blend of ingredients in their joint venture. In the first section, The Science Behind the Recipes, Dr. Wein has provided a well-researched and detailed analysis of the multiple risk factors for developing Alzheimer's disease and explains how some of these risk factors may be mitigated through lifestyle change, highlighting the crucial role of nutrition in brain health. In the second section, Recipes to Feed Your Memory, Norene has successfully incorporated the foods and nutrients known to be protective for brain health into creative and easy-to-use recipes. Research shows that taking care of our cognitive health involves caring for both our physical and mental well-being. From experience I know that using Norene's cookbooks means eating healthy and nutritious foods that most importantly, have been cooked with love and joy. I look forward to using and enjoying my copy of The Brain Boosting Diet: Feed Your Memory and including it in my well-loved collection of Norene's cookbooks."
Dr. Rachel Goodman, Clinical Psychologist, Associate Director Alzheimer Risk Assessment Clinic (ARAC)Jewish General Hospital, Montreal, Quebec

"The foods we eat have a direct effect on our body and our brain. Some foods help us to function well, while others can be harmful. Based on the latest scientific evidence, the Brain-Boosting Diet: Feed Your Memory provides the reader with a roadmap to navigate their way to better brain health. In an easy-to-understand and conversational style, Dr Edward Wein teaches the reader about different foods and food groups, and how they work in our body to improve our brain function and help reduce our risk of Alzheimer's disease and dementia. Importantly, he also summarises the foods that can be harmful to our brain health and outlines why we should limit or avoid them.

"Uniquely, this book is more than just a review of what we should be doing to improve our brain health. With over 200 easy-to-follow and nutrient-packed recipes from food consultant and cooking instructor Norene Gilletz, the Brain-Boosting Diet Menu Plan is your practical guide to making smarter food choices for you and your family. Careful consideration and planning has been given to each recipe to ensure that the ingredients you choose not only complement each other in terms of taste but also in terms of nutritional content and absorption into the body. Dr Wein's experience as a senior food research scientist combined with the culinary expertise of Norene Gilletz (and advice from dietician Sharona Abramovitch), are a recipe for success in helping people of all ages to be proactive about their brain health without foregoing flavor!"
Rebecca Power, Nutrition Research Scientist
    Nutrition Research Centre, Ireland
    Waterford Institute of Technology

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