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Perspectives on Traditional Health

by (author) Ilisapi Ootoova, Tipuula Qaapik Atagutsiak & Tirisi Ijjangiaq

When A Child Has Diabetes

by (author) Denis Daneman, Shaun Barrett & Jennifer Harrington

Good Food, Good Mood

100 Nourishing Recipes to Support Mind and Body Wellness

by (author) Tamara Green & Sarah Grossman

The Parenting Handbook

Your Guide to Raising Resilient Children

by (author) Tania Johnson

Health Hacks

How You Can Get Good Health Care in Nova Scotia

by (author) Mary Jane Hampton

Breaking Canadians

Health Care, Advocacy, and the Toll of COVID-19

by (author) Nili Kaplan-Myrth
foreword by Brian Goldman
afterword by Sue Robins

Research Project Management and Leadership

A Handbook for Everyone

by (author) P. Alison Paprica

Affirmations for Self-Love

A Motivational Journal with Prompts for Self-Worth, Self-Acceptance, and Positive Self-Talk (Inspirational Guided Journaling)

by (author) Eric Maisel & Lynda Monk


The science, medicine, and mythology of menstruation

by (author) Jen Gunter

Keeping Finance Personal

Ditch the “Shoulds” and the Shame and Rewrite Your Money Story

by (author) Ellyce Fulmore


Brief Books about Big Ideas

by (author) Melanie Gillespie Rosen

Housing, Homelessness, and Social Policy in the Urban North

edited by Julia Christensen, Sally Carraher, Travis Hedwig & Steven Arnfjord

Everyday Mediterranean

A Complete Guide to the Mediterranean Diet with 90+ Simple, Nourishing Recipes

by (author) Vanessa Perrone

Yoga Life

Habits, Poses, and Breathwork to Channel Joy Amidst the Chaos

by (author) Brett Larkin

Things That Matter

Special Objects in Our Stories as We Age

edited by William L. Randall & Matte Robinson

Substances, Welfare, and Social Relations

Breaking Stigma, Pursuing Hope

by (author) Amber Gazso


The Disobedient Future of Birth

by (author) Claire Horn

Educating the Body

A History of Physical Education in Canada

by (author) M. Ann Hall, Bruce Kidd & Patricia Vertinsky

Lucky Iron Fish

A Social Enterprise Tackling Iron Deficiency

by (author) Gavin Armstrong & Herb Shoveller

Does Coffee Cause Cancer?

And 8 More Myths about the Food We Eat

by (author) Christopher Labos

The Back Story on Spine Care

A Surgeon’s Insights on Relieving Pain and Advocating for the Right Treatment to Get Your Life Back

by (author) Drew Bednar

My Yoga Journey Gift Set

by (author) Kassandra Reinhardt

The Diabetes Code Journal

The Official Workbook for Reversing Type 2 Diabetes Through Healthy Eating and Fasting

by (author) Dr Jason Fung

Crisis and Contagion

Conversations on Capitalism and Covid-19

edited by Ian McKay

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