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Effects of acculturation on Eskimo music of Cumberland Peninsula

by (author) Maija M. Lutz

Dene Nation

The colony within

edited by Mel Watkins

Early Indian Village

by (author) Veillette

Totem Poles of the Northwest

by (author) D. Allen

Some grammatical aspects of Labrador Inuttut (Eskimo)

A survey of the inflectional paradigms of nouns and verbs

by (author) Lawrence R. Smith

A practical writing system and short dictionary of Kwakw'ala (Kwakiutl)

by (author) David McC Grubb


The structure of social relations in a northern Algonkian band

by (author) David H. Turner & Paul Wertman

The individual in northern Dene thought and communication

A study in sharing and diversity

by (author) Jane Christian & Peter M. Gardner

Micmac Indian Medicine

A Traditional Way of Health

by (author) Laurie Lacey

Eskimo Life of Yesterday

by (author) Revillion Freres

Eskimo music by region

A comparative circumpolar study

by (author) Thomas F. Johnston

A proto-Algonquian dictionary

by (author) George F. Aubin

Papers of the sixth Algonquian Conference, 1974

edited by William Cowan

Proceedings: Northern Athapaskan Conference, 1971: Volume 2

edited by Annette McFadyen Clark

Proceedings: Northern Athapaskan Conference, 1971: Volume 1

edited by Annette McFadyen Clark

A place of refuge for all time

Migration of the American Potawatomi into Upper Canada, 1830 to 1850

by (author) James A. Clifton

A contextual study of the Caribou Eskimo kayak

by (author) Eugene Yuji Arima

Bella Coola ceremony and art

by (author) Margaret A. Stott

A basketful of Indian culture change

by (author) Theodore Brasser

The Moyer Site

A Pre-Historic Village in Waterloo County

by (author) Norman E. Wagner, Lawrence E. Toombs & Eduard R. Riegert

Image of the Indian

by (author) Ronald Haycock

Land, Man, and the Law

The Disposal of Crown Lands in British Columbia, 1871-1913

by (author) Robert Cail

A bibliography of the Athapaskan languages

by (author) Richard T. Parr

From the earth to beyond the sky

An ethnographic approach to four Longhouse Iroquois speech events

by (author) Michael K. Foster

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