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Canoe construction in a Cree cultural tradition

by (author) James Garth Taylor

Strangers in Blood

Fur Trade Company Families in Indian Country

by (author) Jennifer S.H. Brown

Charcoal's World

The True Story of a Canadian Indian's Last Stand

by (author) Hugh Dempsey

Bringing Home Animals

Religious Ideology and Mode of Production of the Mistassini Cree Hunters

by (author) Adrian Tanner

Inuit songs from Eskimo Point

by (author) Ramon Pelinski, Luke Suluk & Lucy Amarook

Hooper Bay kayak construction

by (author) David W. Zimmerly

Chipewyan marriage

by (author) Henry S. Sharp

Contes indiens de la basse côte nord du Saint Laurent Rémi Savard.

by (author) Rémi Savard

Athapaskan women

Lives and legends

by (author) Julie Cruikshank

Solstice-aligned boulder configurations in Saskatchewan

by (author) Alice Beck Kehoe & Thomas F. Kehoe

Eight Inuit myths / Inuit unipkaaqtuat pingasuniarvinilit

edited and translated by Alex Spalding & Cultural and Linguistics Section, Department of Indian and Northern Affairs

Case and context in Inuktitut (Eskimo)

by (author) Ivan Kalmár

Eskimo economics

An aspect of culture change at Rankin Inlet

by (author) William Hugh Jansen

A reference grammar for the coast Tsimshian language

by (author) John Asher Dunn

The context of the informant narrative performance

From sociolinguistics to ethnolinguistics at Fort Chipewyan, Alberta

by (author) Ronald Scollon

Suffixes of the Eskimo dialects of Cumberland Peninsula and North Baffin Island

by (author) Kenn Harper

Inuit adoption

by (author) D.L. Guemple

Aspects of Inuit value socialization

by (author) Jean L. Briggs

A survey of the derivational postbases of Labrador Inuttut (Eskimo)

by (author) Lawrence R. Smith

Swan people

A study of the Dunne-za prophet dance

by (author) Robin Ridington

Neighbors and intruders

An ethnohistorical exploration of the Indians of Hudson's River

edited by Laurence M. Hauptman & Jack Campisi

Contextual studies of material culture

edited by David W. Zimmerly

A practical dictionary of the Coast Tsimshian language

by (author) John Asher Dunn

Effects of acculturation on Eskimo music of Cumberland Peninsula

by (author) Maija M. Lutz

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