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Geography of British Columbia, Third Edition

People and Landscapes in Transition

by (author) Brett McGillivray

Canadian Shield

The Rocks that Made Canada

by (author) Nick Eyles
photographs by Arnold Zageris, Tessa Macintosh & Ed Bartram

Communicating in Geography and the Environmental Sciences

Canadian Edition

by (author) Iain Hay & Philip Giles

The Regional Geography of Canada

by (author) Robert M. Bone

Canadian Cities in Transition

New Directions in the Twenty-First Century

edited by Trudi Bunting, Pierre Filion & Ryan Walker

Family Geographies

The Spatiality of Families and Family Life

edited by Bonnie C. Hallman

Human Geography

by (author) William Norton

Making Sense in Geography and Environmental Sciences

A Student's Guide to Research and Writing, Revised with up-to-date MLA and APA Information

by (author) Margot Northey, David B. Knight & Dianne Draper

Introduction to International Development / Making Sense in the Social Sciences Pack

by (author) Paul Haslam, Jessica Schafer & Pierre Beaudet


A Canadian Perspective

by (author) Alan S. Trenhaile


A Nation of Regions

by (author) Brett McGillivray

Physical Geography

The Global Environment

by (author) H.J. de Blij, Peter O. Muller, Richard S. Williams, Catherine T. Conrad & Peter Long

The Rise and Fall of Development Theory

by (author) Colin Leys

Environmental Impact Assessment

Practice and Participation

by (author) Kevin S. Hanna

Where Strangers Become Neighbours

Integrating Immigrants in Vancouver, Canada

by (author) Leonie Sandercock & Giovanni Attili

A Field Guide to Communication

by (author) Pamela Shaw

Severe and Hazardous Weather in Canada

The Geography of Extreme Events

by (author) Catherine Conrad

Introduction to International Development

Approaches, Actors, and Issues

by (author) Paul Haslam, Jessica Schafer & Pierre Beaudet

The Canadian North

Issues and Challenges

by (author) Robert M. Bone

GPS Made Easy

Using Global Positioning Systems in the Outdoors

by (author) Lawrence Letham & Alex Letham

Between the Summit and the Sea

Central Veracruz in the Nineteenth Century

by (author) Alfred H. Siemens

Encounter Canada: Land, People, Environment

Teacher's Resource

by (author) Ron Chasmer

Saskatchewan Geographic Perspectives

edited by B.E.R.N.A.R.D.D. THRAVES, M.A.R.I.L.Y.N.L. LEWRY & J.A.N.I.S. DALE

Integrated Resource and Environmental Management

Concepts and Practice

edited by Kevin S. Hanna & D. Scott Slocombe

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