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Planning Canada

A Case Study Approach

edited by Ren Thomas

Growing Urban Economies

Innovation, Creativity, and Governance in Canadian City-Regions

edited by David A. Wolfe & Meric S. Gertler

Multicultural Cities

Toronto, New York, and Los Angeles

by (author) Mohammed Abdul Qadeer

Baffin Island

Field Research and High Arctic Adventure, 1961-67

by (author) Jack D. Ives

Qualitative Research Methods in Human Geography

edited by Iain Hay

Mining and Communities in Northern Canada

History, Politics, and Memory

contributions by Arn Keeling, John Sandlos, Patricia Boulter, Jean-Sébastien Boutet, Emilie Cameron, Sarah Gordon, Heather Green, Jane Hammond, Joella Hogan, Tyler Levitan, Hereward Longley, Scott Midgley, Kevin O’Reilly, Andrea Procter & Alexandra Winton

Milanese Encounters

Public Space and Vision in Contemporary Urban Italy

by (author) Cristina Moretti

Social Infrastructure and Vulnerability in the Suburbs

by (author) Lucia Lo, Valerie Preston, Paul Anisef, Ranu Basu & Shuguang Wang

The Housing and Economic Experiences of Immigrants in U.S. and Canadian Cities

edited by Carlos Teixeira & Wei Li


Landscapes We Live In

by (author) Norm Catto

Suburban Governance

A Global View

edited by Pierre Hamel & Roger Keil

Work in Transition

Cultural Capital and Highly Skilled Migrants' Passages into the Labour Market

by (author) Arnd-Michael Nohl, Karin Schittenhelm, Oliver Schmidtke & Anja Weiss

Reclaiming the Don

An Environmental History of Toronto's Don River Valley

by (author) Jennifer L. Bonnell

The Feel of the City

Experiences of Urban Transformation

by (author) Nicolas Kenny

Innovating in Urban Economies

Economic Transformation in Canadian City-Regions

edited by David A. Wolfe

Governing Urban Economies

Innovation and Inclusion in Canadian City Regions

edited by Neil Bradford & Allison Bramwell

Historical GIS Research in Canada

contributions by Jennifer Bonnell, Marcel Fortin, Colleen Beard, Stephen Bocking, Jim Clifford, Joanna Dean, Francois Dufaux, Patrick A. Dunae, Jason Gilliland, William M. Glen, Megan Harvey, Matthew G. Hatvany, Sally Hermansen, Andrew Hinson, Don Lafreniere, John S. Lutz, Joshua D. MacFadyen, Daniel Macfarlane, Jennifer Marvin, Cameron Metcalf, Byron Moldofsky, Sherry Olson, Jon Pasher, Daniel Rueck, R.W. Sandwell, Henry Yu & Barbara Znamirowski

Opening a Window to the West

The Foreign Concession at Kobe, Japan, 1868-1899

by (author) Peter Ennals

Creative Margins

Cultural Production in Canadian Suburbs

by (author) Alison L. Bain

Cultural Geography

Environments, Landscapes, Identities, Inequalities

by (author) William Norton & Margaret Walton-Roberts

Water without Borders?

Canada, the United States, and Shared Waters

edited by Emma S. Norman, Alice Cohen & Karen Bakker

Human Geography

Lab Manual

by (author) Bram Noble, Paul Hackett & Jill Gunn

From Meteorite Impact to Constellation City

A Historical Geography of Greater Sudbury

by (author) Oiva W. Saarinen

Environmental Change and Challenge 4e / Making Sense in Geography Pack

A Canadian Perspective, Fourth Edition

by (author) Philip Dearden & Bruce Mitchell

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