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Stories from an Urban Church

by (author) Mark Whittall

Mission Life in Cree-Ojibwe Country

Memories of a Mother and Son

by (author) Elizabeth Bingham Young & E. Ryerson Young
edited by Jennifer S.H. Brown

China Interrupted

Japanese Internment and the Reshaping of a Canadian Missionary Community

by (author) Sonya Grypma

Prophetic Identities

Indigenous Missionaries on British Colonial Frontiers, 1850-75

by (author) Tolly Bradford

Keeping the Faith

Memory and History in Nunavut Volume Three

by (author) Frederic B. Laugrand, Jarich Oosten & Maaki Kakkik

Good Intentions Gone Awry

Emma Crosby and the Methodist Mission on the Northwest Coast

by (author) Jan Hare & Jean Barman

Positioning the Missionary

John Booth Good and the Confluence of Cultures in Nineteenth-Century British Columbia

by (author) Brett Christophers

Xavier's Legacies

Catholicism in Modern Japanese Culture

edited by Kevin M. Doak

“His Dominion” and the “Yellow Peril”

Protestant Missions to Chinese Immigrants in Canada, 1859-1967

by (author) Jiwu Wang

The Cross and the Rising Sun

The British Protestant Missionary Movement in Japan, Korea and Taiwan, 1865-1945

by (author) A. Hamish Ion

Missionaires Oblates

Vision et Mission

by (author) Rosa Bruno-Jofre

Les Missionaires Oblates

Vision et Mission

by (author) Rosa Bruno-Jofre

Healing Henan

Canadian Nurses at the North China Mission, 1888-1947

by (author) Sonya Grypma

Modern Women Modernizing Men

The Changing Missions of Three Professional Women in Asia and Africa, 1902-69

by (author) Ruth Compton Brouwer


That's the Way It Is.

by (author) Raymond de Coccola
with Paul King

China's Millions

by (author) Alvyn Austin

Methodist Education in Peru

Social Gospel, Politics, and American Ideological andEconomic Penetration, 1888–1930

by (author) Rosa del Carmen Bruno-Jofré

A Victorian Missionary and Canadian Indian Policy

Cultural Synthesis vs Cultural Replacement

by (author) David Nock

Of God and Maxim Guns

Presbyterianism in Nigeria, 1846-1966

by (author) Geoffrey Johnston

Missionary Oblate Sisters

Vision and Mission

by (author) Rosa Bruno-Jofre

The Missionary Oblate Sisters

Vision and Mission

by (author) Rosa Bruno-Jofre

Canadian Missionaries, Indigenous Peoples

Representing Religion at Home and Abroad

edited by Alvyn J. Austin & Jamie S. Scott

Healing in the Wilderness

A History of the United Church Mission Hospitals

by (author) Bob Burrows

Beyond Churchianity

Insights from Japan for a World-Changing Christianity

by (author) Floyd Howlett

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