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Cultural Clinical Psychology

Theory, Research, and Practice

edited by Shahe S. Kazarian & David R. Evans

Mastery of Your Specific Phobia: Monitoring Forms

by (author) Martin M. Antony, Michelle G. Craske & David H. Barlow

The Future of the Cognitive Revolution

edited by David Johnson & Christina Erneling

Freud and the Passions

edited by John O’Neill

The Visual Brain in Action

by (author) A. David Milner & Melvyn A. Goodale

Hidden Majority, The

Guidebook on Alcohol and Other Drug Issues for Counsellors Who Work with Women

prepared for publication by Centre For Addiction And Mental Health

La Majorité oubliée

Guide sur les questions de toxicomanie à l’intention des conseillers qui travaillent auprès des femmes

prepared for publication by Centre For Addiction And Mental Health

Nutrition et rétablissement

Guide à l’intention des professionnels pour une alimentation saine au cours du rétablissement d’une toxicomanie

by (author) Trish Dekker


edited by Kathleen Akins

Mental Leaps

Analogy in Creative Thought

by (author) Keith J. Holyoak & Paul Thagard

Le Counselling

Stratégies et interventions

by (author) Pierre Poirier & Evelyn Gagné

New Age Thinking

A Psychoanalytic Critique

by (author) M.D. Faber

Persons—What Philosophers Say about You

by (author) Warren Bourgeois

Plato's Psychology (2nd Edition)

by (author) T.M. Robinson

How Good is Family Therapy? A Reassessment

by (author) Ranjan Roy & Harvy Frankel
foreword by Nathan B. Epstein

An Invitation to Cognitive Science

Visual Cognition

edited by Stephen M. Kosslyn & Daniel N. Osherson
contributions by Harold Pashler, Martha J. Farah, Melvyn Goodale, Eileen Kowler, Grant Gutheil, Elizabeth S. Spelke, Gretchen Van De Walle, Irving Biederman, Fred Dretske, Zijiang J. He, Ken Nakayama & Shinsuke Shimojo

Satanic Ritual Abuse

Principles of Treatment

by (author) Colin Ross

The Stories We Are

An Essay on Self-Creation, Second Edition

by (author) William Randall

Capitalism Comes to the Backcountry

The Goodyear Invasion of Napanee

by (author) Bryan Palmer

The Logical Foundations of Cognition

edited by John Macnamara & Gonzalo E. Reyes

Auditory Scene Analysis

The Perceptual Organization of Sound

by (author) Albert S. Bregman

The Osiris Complex

Case Studies in Multiple Personality Disorder

by (author) Colin Ross

Clock Drawing

A Neuropsychological Analysis

by (author) Morris Freedman, Larry Leach, Edith Kaplan, Gordon Winocur & Kenneth Shulman

Distinctly Narcissistic

Diary Fiction in Quebec

by (author) Valerie Raoul

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