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Computational Philosophy of Science

by (author) Paul Thagard

Becoming a Brother

A Child Learns about Life, Family, and Self

by (author) Morton J. Mendelson

Language, Music, and Mind

by (author) Diana Raffman

The Least Detrimental Alternative

A Systematic Guide to Case Planning and Decision Making for Children in Care

by (author) Paul Steinhauer

The Union and Its Members

A Psychological Approach

by (author) Julian Barling, Clive Fullagar & K. Kevin Kelloway

Neuromotor Mechanisms in Human Communication

by (author) Doreen Kimura

Currents of Thought in American Social Psychology

by (author) Gary Collier, Henry Minton & Graham Reynolds

Living and Working with Schizophrenia

Information and support for patients, and their families, friends, employers, and teachers

by (author) Joel Jeffries, E. Plummer, Mary Seeman & J. Thornton

Family Violence and the Women's Movement

The Conceptual Politics of Struggle

by (author) Gillian A. Walker

Our Own Master Race

Eugenics in Canada, 1885-1945

by (author) Angus McLaren

Survival of the Sanest

Order and Disorder in a Pre-trial Psychiatric Clinic

by (author) Robert J. Menzies

Psychology and Deterrence

by (author) Robert Jervis, Richard Ned Lebow & Janice Gross Stein

Experiential Psychotherapy

Basic Practices

by (author) Alvin R. Mahrer


A Humanistic Theory of Psychology and Psychiatry

by (author) Alvin R. Mahrer

How To Do Experiential Psychotherapy

A Manual for Practitioners

by (author) Alvin R. Mahrer

Silver Threads

Critical Reflections on Growing Old

by (author) Doris Marshall

The Conflict Resolution Syndrome

Volunteerism, Violence, and Beyond

by (author) Alexander Abdennur

Applied Psycholinguistics

An introduction of the psychology of language learning and teaching

by (author) Marcel Danesi & Renzo Titone

Elements of Episodic Memory

by (author) Endel Tulving

Brian & the Boys

by (author) Maggie Siggins

Why Delinquency?

by (author) Maurice Cusson

A Theory for all Music

Problems and Solutions in the Analysis of Non-Western Forms

by (author) Jay Rahn

Psychology and the Liberal Consensus

by (author) Charles Anderson & L. Travis

Mental Representations

A Dual Coding Approach

by (author) Allan Paivio

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