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Grief on the Front Lines

Reckoning with Trauma, Grief, and Humanity in Modern Medicine

by (author) Rachel Jones
foreword by Danielle Ofri

Something within Me

A Personal and Political Memoir

by (author) Michael Wilson
foreword by the Right Honourable Brian Mulroney

Generation Dread

Finding Purpose in an Age of Climate Crisis

by (author) Britt Wray

Evil in Mind

The Psychology of Harming Others

by (author) Christopher T. Burris

The Bullied Brain

Heal Your Scars and Restore Your Health

by (author) Jennifer Fraser

Cross-Cultural Psychology

Understanding Our Diverse Communities, Canadian Edition

by (author) Saba Safdar, Jeffrey Scott Mio, Lori A. Barker, Melanie M. Domenech Rodriguez & John Gonzalez

Mind, Mood, and Memory

The Neurobehavioral Consequences of Multiple Sclerosis

by (author) Anthony Feinstein
foreword by Alan Thompson

Reason and Less

Pursuing Food, Sex, and Politics

by (author) Vinod Goel

Indigenous Knowledge and Mental Health

A Global Perspective

by (author) David Danto
edited by Masood Zangeneh

The Instant Mood Fix

Emergency remedies to beat anxiety, panic or stress

by (author) Olivia Remes

The Unification of the Arts

A Framework for Understanding What the Arts Share and Why

by (author) Steven Brown

The Get-It-Done Data Analysis: Perform a Statistical Analysis That Will Get Your Research Published

Chapter 1. Dataset

by (author) Edgar Guzman
by (photographer) Lana Guzman

Dying and Death in Canada, Fourth Edition

by (author) Herbert Northcott & Donna Wilson

On Consolation

Finding Solace in Dark Times

by (author) Michael Ignatieff

Health and Health Care in Northern Canada

edited by Rebecca Schiff & Helle Møller

Causality and Neo-Stages in Development

Toward Unifying Psychology

by (author) Gerald Young

Mother of Invention

How Good Ideas Get Ignored in an Economy Built for Men

by (author) Katrine Marcal

Looking at Trauma

A Tool Kit for Clinicians

edited by Abby Hershler, Lesley Hughes, Patricia Nguyen & Shelley Wall

Hard to Be Human

Overcoming Our Five Cognitive Design Flaws

by (author) Ted Cadsby

The WEIRDest People in the World

How the West Became Psychologically Peculiar and Particularly Prosperous

by (author) Joseph Henrich

On Opium

Pain, Pleasure, and Other Matters of Substance

by (author) Carlyn Zwarenstein


What Is Shame and How Can We Break Its Hold?

by (author) A.J. Bond

Diversity, Culture and Counselling

A Canadian Perspective

edited by M. Honore France, Maria del Carmen Rodriguez & Geoffrey G. Hett

Emotions Don't Think - Emotional Contagion in a Time of Turmoil

Emotional Contagion in a Time of Turmoil

by (author) Bruce Hutchison

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