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Winning and Keeping Power in Canadian Politics

by (author) Jason Roy & Christopher Alcantara

Canada In The World

Settler Capitalism and the Colonial Imagination

by (author) Tyler A. Shipley

The Tenth Justice

Judicial Appointments, Marc Nadon, and the Supreme Court Act Reference

by (author) Carissima Mathen & Michael Plaxton

Seven Absolute Rights

Recovering the Historical Foundations of Canada's Rule of Law

by (author) Ryan Alford

Turbulent Times, Transformational Possibilities?

Gender and Politics Today and Tomorrow

edited by Fiona MacDonald & Alexandra Dobrowolsky

Inside the Campaign

Managing Elections in Canada

edited by Alex Marland & Thierry Giasson

Partisan Odysseys

Canada's Political Parties

by (author) Nelson Wiseman

Lost on Division

Party Unity in the Canadian Parliament

by (author) Jean-François Godbout

Carbon Province, Hydro Province

The Challenge of Canadian Energy and Climate Federalism

by (author) Douglas Macdonald

Braver Canada

Shaping Our Destiny in a Precarious World

by (author) Derek H. Burney & Fen Osler Hampson

Canadian Perspectives on Community Development

edited by Sarah Todd & Sébastien Savard
contributions by Maurice Beaudin, Denis Bourque, Dillon Black, Mirna Carranza, Dominique Charbonneau, Omar Chouinard, Yvan Comeau, Sarah Cooper, David Este, Julie Guillemot, Alicia Kalmanovitch, Jane Ku, Claudia Lahaie, Lynn Lavallee, André Leclerc, Bill Lee, Mishka Lysak, Judy MacDonald, Susan McGrath, Ken Moffatt, Melissa Myers, Elaine Moody, Katherine Occhiuto, André-Ann Parent, Heather Peters, Alison Phinney, Christa Sato & Majella Simard

Freeing Trade in North America

by (author) Greg Anderson

Nested Federalism and Inuit Governance in the Canadian Arctic

by (author) Gary N. Wilson, Christopher Alcantara & Thierry Rodon

Corporate Social Responsibility and Canada's Role in Africa's Extractive Sectors

edited by Nathan Andrews & J. Andrew Grant

Strengthening the Canadian Armed Forces through Diversity and Inclusion

edited by Alistair Edgar, Rupinder Mangat & Bessma Momani

Let the People Speak

Opression in a Time of Reconciliation

by (author) Sheilla Jones

Queering Representation

LGBTQ People and Electoral Politics in Canada

edited by Manon Tremblay

Ford AbomiNation

by (author) Linwood Barclay

Bootstraps Need Boots

One Tory’s Lonely Fight to End Poverty in Canada

by (author) Hugh Segal

The Good Fight

Marcel Cadieux and Canadian Diplomacy

by (author) Brendan Kelly


Islamophobia in the True North

by (author) Graeme Truelove
foreword by Ihsaan Gardee

Canada: The State of the Federation 2017

Canada at 150: Federalism and Democratic Renewal

edited by Elizabeth Goodyear-Grant & Kyle Hanniman

Understanding the Manitoba Election 2019

Campaigns, Participation, and Issues

edited by Royce Koop, Barry Ferguson, Karine Levasseur, Andrea Rounce & Kiera L. Ladner

From Where I Stand

Rebuilding Indigenous Nations for a Stronger Canada

by (author) Jody Wilson-Raybould

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