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Bureaucratic Manoeuvres

The Contested Administration of the Unemployed

by (author) John Grundy

Province Building and the Federalization of Immigration in Canada

by (author) Mireille Paquet

Divided Province

Ontario Politics in the Age of Neoliberalism

edited by Greg Albo & Bryan M. Evans

Radical Housewives

Price Wars and Food Politics in Mid-Twentieth-Century Canada

by (author) Julie Guard

Cases and Notes on Land Law

by (author) Bora Laskin

The Progressive Party in Canada

by (author) W.L. Morton

Canada and Imperialism 1896-1899

edited by Norman Penlington

The Liberal Party in Alberta

A History of Politics in the Province of Alberta 1905-1921

by (author) L.G. Thomas

The Canadian General Eelection of 1957

by (author) John Meisel

Post-War Immigrants in Canada

by (author) Anthony H. Richmond

Social Purpose for Canada

edited by Michael Oliver

The Political Economy of the Canadian North

An Interpretation of the Course of Development in the Northern Territories of Canada to the Early 1960s

by (author) Kenneth J. Rea

Agenda 1970

Proposals for a Creative Politics

edited by Trevor Lloyd & Jack McLeod

Applied Political Theory and Canadian Politics

edited by David McGrane & Neil Hibbert

Applied Political Theory and Canadian Politics

edited by David McGrane & Neil Hibbert

The Public Servant's Guide to Government in Canada

by (author) Alex Marland & Jared Wesley

Contact Charlie

The Canadian Army, the Taliban, and the Battle for Afghanistan

by (author) Chris Wattie

Claws of the Panda

Beijing's Campaign of Influence and Intimidation in Canada

by (author) Jonathan Manthorpe

Strategic Friends

Canada-Ukraine Relations from Independence to the Euromaidan

by (author) Bohdan S. Kordan

Federalism and the Welfare State in a Multicultural World

edited by Elizabeth Goodyear-Grant, Richard Johnston, Will Kymlicka & John Myles

The Candidate

Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail

by (author) Noah Richler

Canada and the Ethics of Constitutionalism

Identity, Destiny, and Constitutional Faith

by (author) Samuel V. LaSelva

Reassessing the Rogue Tory

Canadian Foreign Relations in the Diefenbaker Era

edited by Janice Cavell & Ryan M. Touhey

The Canadian Diplomat

by (author) Marcel Cadieux
translated by Archibald Day

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