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International Law

Chiefly as Interpreted and Applied in Canada

by (author) J.G. Castel

Roots and Values in Canadian Lives

by (author) Jean-Charles Falardeau

Edward Blake, Irish Nationalist

A Canadian Statesman in Irish Politics 1892-1907

by (author) Margaret A. Banks

The Last Cannon Shot

A Study of French-Canadian Nationalism 1837-1850

by (author) Jacques Monet

Transatlantic Economic Community

Canadian Perspectives

by (author) H. Edward English

The Government of Manitoba

by (author) Murray Donnelly

The Conscription Crisis of 1944

by (author) Robert Dawson

Procedure in the Canadian House of Commons

by (author) William Dawson

Canadian Municipal Government

by (author) Kenneth Crawford

Safeguarding Canada 1763-1871

by (author) J. Hitsman

The Political Process in Canada

Essays in Honour of R. MacGregor Dawson

edited by J.H. Aitchison

Canadian Issues

Essays in Honour of Henry F. Angus

edited by Robert M. Clark

The Social Credit Movement in Alberta

by (author) John Irving

Politics of Survival

The Conservative Part of Canada, 1939-1945

by (author) J.L. Granatstein

The Government of Nova Scotia

by (author) James Murray Beck

People versus Politics

A study of opinions, attitudes, and perceptions in Vancouver-Burrard

by (author) J.A. Laponce

The Woman Suffrage Movement in Canada

Second Edition

by (author) Catherine L. Cleverdon
introduction by Ramsay Cook

Alignment of Political Groups in Canada 1841-67

by (author) Paul G. Cornell

Canada and the Far East, 1940-1953

by (author) H.F. Angus

The Protective Tariff in Canada's Development

Eight Essays on Trade and Tariff When Factors Move with Special Reference to Canadian Protectionism, 1870-1955

by (author) J.H. Dales

The Future of Canadian Federalism/L'Avenir du federalisme canadien

edited by Paul-Andre Crepeau & C.B. Macpherson

The Politics of John W. Dafoe and the Free Press

by (author) Ramsay Cook

John Rae Political Economist: An Account of His Life and A Compilation of His Main Writings

Volume I: Life and Miscellaneous Writings

edited by R. Warren James & John Rae

The Judicial Committee and the British North America Act

An Analysis of the Interpretative Scheme for the Distribution of Legislative Powers

by (author) G.P. Browne

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