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Legislatures in Evolution / Les législatures en transformation

edited by Charles Feldman, Genevieve Tellier & David Groves
contributions by Marie-Ève Belzile, Ian Bushfield, Steven Chaplin, Cristine de Clercy, Noah Laurence, Alex Marland, Katie E. Marshall, Floyd McCormick, Teale N. Phelps Bondaroff, Ranil Prasad, Adriana Thom & Anthony M. Weber

Canada Must Think for Itself

10 theses for our country's survival & success in the 21st century

by (author) Irvin Studin

The Right Path

How Conservatives can unite, inspire and take Canada forward

by (author) Tasha Kheiriddin
foreword by Lisa MacCormack Raitt

Public Inquiries

A Scholar's Engagements with the Policy-Making Process

by (author) Michael J. Trebilcock

Pleasure and Panic

New Essays on the History of Alcohol and Drugs

edited by Dan Malleck & Cheryl Krasnick Warsh

Boots on the Ground

Disaster Response in Canada

by (author) Johanu Botha

Liquor and the Liberal State

Drink and Order before Prohibition

by (author) Dan Malleck

The Age of Consequence

The Ordeals of Public Policy in Canada

by (author) Charles J. McMillan

Reconciling Truths

Reimagining Public Inquiries in Canada

by (author) Kim Stanton

The Political Economy of Education in South Asia

Fighting Poverty, Inequality, and Exclusion

by (author) John Richards, Manzoor Ahmed & Shahidul Islam
foreword by Fazle Abed


by (author) Mallory Amirault

Applied Welfare Economics, Trade, and Agricultural Policy Analysis

by (author) G. Cornelis van Kooten

Radical Trust

Basic Income for Complicated Lives

by (author) Evelyn Forget & Hannah Owczar

Crisis in Canada's Policing

Why change is so hard, and how we can get real reform in our police forces

by (author) John Sewell
with Christopher J. Williams

On Decline

Stagnation, Nostalgia, and Why Every Year is the Worst One Ever

by (author) Andrew Potter


Where to Live, What to Buy, and Who Will Lead Canada's Future

by (author) Darrell Bricker

The Rowell-Sirois Commission and the Remaking of Canadian Federalism

by (author) Robert Wardhaugh & Barry Ferguson

Transparency, Power, and Influence in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Policy Gain or Confidence Game?

edited by Katherine Fierlbeck, Janice Graham & Matthew Herder

Provincial Policy Laboratories

Policy Diffusion and Transfer in Canada's Federal System

edited by Brendan Boyd & Andrea Olive

Social Service, Private Gain

The Political Economy of Social Impact Bonds

by (author) Jesse Hajer & John Loxley

Sharing the Land, Sharing a Future

The Legacy of the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples

edited by Katherine Graham & David Newhouse

How Government Really Works

A field guide to bureaucracies in Canada

by (author) Jane Allt & Angela Poirier

Big Promises, Small Government

Doing Less with Less in the BC Liberal New Era

by (author) George M. Abbott
foreword by Vaughn Palmer

The Multilevel Politics of Trade

edited by Jorg Broschek & Patrica Goff

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