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What WE Lost

Inside the Attack on Canada’s Largest Children’s Charity

by (author) Tawfiq S. Rangwala
foreword by Kim Campbell

Advertising Shits in Your Head

Strategies for Resistance

by (author) Vyvian Raoul
introduction by Josh MacPhee

Won’t Get Fooled Again

A Graphic Guide to Fake News

by (author) Erin Steuter
illustrated by Alan Spinney

Orwell in Cuba

How 1984 Came to Be Published in Castro’s Twilight

by (author) Frédérick Lavoie
translated by Donald Winkler

The Art of the Lie

How the Manipulation of Language Affects Our Minds

by (author) Marcel Danesi

Absent Mandate

Strategies and Choices in Canadian Elections

by (author) Harold Clarke, Jane Jenson, Larry LeDuc & Jon Pammett

The Idea of Art as Propaganda in France, 1750-1799

A Study in the History of Ideas

by (author) James Leith

Embattled Nation

Canada's Wartime Election of 1917

by (author) Patrice Dutil & David MacKenzie

Nothing to Lose but Our Fear

Resistance in Dangerous Times

by (author) Fiona Jeffries
interviewee Wendy Mendez, Marcus Rediker, Silvia Federici, David Harvey, Nandita Sharma, John Holloway, Lydia Cacho, Sandra Moran & Gustavo Esteva


How Politics Has the Power to Turn Marketing on Its Head

by (author) Clive Veroni

Glorify the Empire

Japanese Avant-Garde Propaganda in Manchukuo

by (author) Annika A. Culver

Propaganda and the Ethics of Persuasion - Second Edition

by (author) Randal Marlin

Your Call Is Important to Us

The Truth About Bullshit

by (author) Laura Penny

Towers of Deception

The Media Cover-up of 9-11

by (author) Barrie Zwicker