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Athens and Jerusalem

God, Humans, and Nature

by (author) David Novak

Art as Revolt

Thinking Politics through Immanent Aesthetics

edited by David Fancy & Hans Skott-Myhre

The Structure of Aesthetics

by (author) F.E. Sparshott

Nature, Contemplation, and the One

A Study in the Philosophy of Plotinus

by (author) John Deck


by (author) D.G. Brown

The Agon of Interpretations

Towards a Critical Intercultural Hermeneutics

by (author) Ming Xie

David Hume

Historical Thinker, Historical Writer

by (author) Mark G. Spencer

The End(s) of Community

History, Sovereignty, and the Question of Law

by (author) Joshua Ben David Nichols

Hegel and the Tradition

Essays in Honour of H.S. Harris

edited by Michael Baur & John Russon

Contagious Architecture

Computation, Aesthetics, and Space

by (author) Luciana Parisi

Feminist Interpretations of Thomas Hobbes

edited by Nancy J. Hirschmann & Joanne H. Wright

Reason's Dark Champions

Constructive Strategies of Sophistic Argument

by (author) Christopher W. Tindale

Without Criteria

Kant, Whitehead, Deleuze, and Aesthetics

by (author) Steven Shaviro

The Extended Mind

edited by Richard Menary

The Smile of Tragedy

Nietzsche and the Art of Virtue

by (author) Daniel R. Ahern

Oedipus against Freud

Myth and the End(s) of Humanism in 20th Century British Literature

by (author) Bradley W. Buchanan

Color Ontology and Color Science

edited by Jonathan Cohen & Mohan Matthen

The Platonian Leviathan

by (author) Leon Harold Craig

The External World and Our Knowledge of It

Hume's Critical Realism, an Exposition and a Defence

by (author) Fred Wilson


A (Very) Critical Introduction

by (author) S.J. McGrath

Romantic Hospitality and the Resistance to Accommodation

by (author) Peter Melville

Appropriating the Lonergan Idea

by (author) Frederick E. Crowe

Patrons of Enlightenment

by (author) Edward Andrew

The Will to Technology and the Culture of Nihilism

Heidegger, Marx, Nietzsche

by (author) Arthur Kroker

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