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Canadian Performance Documents and Debates

A Sourcebook

edited by Anthony J. Vickery, Glen F. Nichols & Allana C. Lindgren
foreword by Jerry Wasserman

Hope in a Collapsing World

Youth, Theatre, and Listening as a Political Alternative

by (author) Kathleen Gallagher
with Andrew Kushnir

Chinese Shadow Theatre

History, Popular Religion, and Women Warriors

by (author) Fan Pen Li Chen

Cures for Chance

Adoptive Relations in Shakespeare and Middleton

by (author) Erin Ellerbeck

No Harm Done

Three Plays About Medical Conditions

by (author) Eugene Stickland, Crystal Phillips, Bin Hu, Dagmar Johnson, William Snell, Sherry L. Dupuis, Pia Kontos, Julia Gray, Christine Jonas-Simpson & Yves Sauvé

The Stage Light Flickers

other primary creator Emerson Emerson Arts


by (author) Anosh Irani

Hysteria in Performance

by (author) Jenn Cole

A Wife in the Hand

A Farce

by (author) Jack H. Crisp

Communal Justice in Shakespeare's England

Drama, Law, and Emotion

by (author) Penelope Geng

Social Justice in Spanish Golden Age Theatre

edited by Erin Cowling, Tania de Miguel Magro, Mina Garcia Jordán & Glenda Y. Nieto-Cuebas

Refractions: Scenes


edited by Donna-Michelle St. Bernard & Yvette Nolan

Indigenous Women’s Theatre in Canada

A Mechanism of Decolonization

by (author) Sarah MacKenzie

Theatre of Anger

Radical Transnational Performance in Contemporary Berlin

by (author) Olivia Landry

Vaudeville and the Making of Modern Entertainment, 1890-1925

by (author) David Monod

Triplex Nervosa Trilogy

by (author) Marianne Ackerman

The End of the CBC?

by (author) David Taras & Christopher Waddell

The Directors Lab

Techniques, Methods, and Conversations About All Things Theatre

edited by Evan Tsitsias

The Blunt Playwright

An Introduction to Playwriting

by (author) Clem Martini

Theatre and (Im)migration

edited by Yana Meerzon


series edited by Jim Bulman & Carol Chillington Rutter
by (author) Robert Ormsby

Elapultiek (We Are Looking Towards)

A Play

by (author) shalan joudry

A Love Letter to Emily C

by (author) Sheri-D Wilson

Bibliografia Tematica de Estudios sobre el Teatro Español Antiguo

by (author) Warren T. McCready

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