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A Decolonizing Ear

Documentary Film Disrupts the Archive

by (author) Olivia Landry

On Inuit Cinema | Inuit TakugatsaliuKatiget

by (author) Mark David Turner

Wayward Feeling

Audio-Visual Culture and Aesthetic Activism in Post-Rainbow South Africa

by (author) Helene Strauss

Giving the Devil His Due

Satan and Cinema

contributions by Jeffrey Andrew Weinstock, Regina M. Hansen, Simon Bacon, Katherine A. Fowkes, David Hauka, Russ Hunter, Barry C. Knowlton, Eloise R. Knowlton, Murray Leeder, Catherine O'Brien, R. Barton Palmer, Carl H. Sederholm, David Sterritt & J.P. Telotte

A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night

by (author) Farshid Kazemi


The Modern Actor’s Handbook

by (author) David Rotenberg

Media Ventriloquism

How Audiovisual Technologies Transform the Voice-Body Relationship

by (author) Jaimie Baron, Jennifer Fleeger & Shannon Wong Lerner


From Down in the Delta to the Birth of The Band and Beyond

by (author) Sandra B. Tooze

Practices of Projection

Histories and Technologies

edited by Gabriel Menotti & Virginia Crisp

Figure and Force in Animation Aesthetics

by (author) Ryan Pierson

Inhabiting the In-Between

Childhood and Cinema in Spain's Long Transition

by (author) Sarah Thomas

The New Romanian Cinema

edited by Christina Stojanova & Dana Duma

Improving Passions

Sentimental Aesthetics and American Film

by (author) Charles Burnetts

The Oxford Handbook of Canadian Cinema

edited by Janine Marchessault & Will Straw

Excavating the Future

Archaeology and Geopolitics in Contemporary North American Science Fiction Film and Television

by (author) Shawn Malley

The Only Film in Town

How A Little Film With a Big Heart Was Made in Rural Nova Scotia

by (author) Stuart Cresswell

Hamlet Lives in Hollywood

John Barrymore and the Acting Tradition Onscreen

edited by Murray Pomerance & Steven Rybin

Female Trouble

A Queer Film Classic

by (author) Chris Holmlund
series edited by Matthew Hays & Thomas Waugh

The Gothic and death

edited by Carol Margaret Davison

Electric Pictures

A Guide to the Films, Film-Makers and Cinemas of Worthing and Shoreham

by (author) Ellen Cheshire & James Clarke

Arabian Nights

by (author) Michael Moon
series edited by Thomas Waugh & Matthew Hays

Hamilton Babylon

A History of the McMaster Film Board

by (author) Stephen Broomer

Films on Ice

Cinemas of the Arctic

edited by Scott MacKenzie & Anna Westerstahl Stenport

The Canadian Horror Film

Terror of the Soul

edited by Gina Freitag & André Loiselle

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