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Angry Weather

Heat Waves, Floods, Storms, and the New Science of Climate Change

by (author) Friederike Otto
translated by Sarah Pybus


Finding Beauty in the Fiercest Season

by (author) Bernd Brunner
foreword by Mark Kurlansky
translated by Jane Billinghurst

Atlantic Canada's Greatest Storms

by (author) Dan Soucoup

18 Miles

The Epic Drama of Our Atmosphere and Its Weather

by (author) Christopher Dewdney

New Brunswick Underwater

The 2018 Saint John River Flood

by (author) Lisa Hrabluk
photographs by Michael Hawkins

The Canadian Weather Trivia Calendar 2019

compiled by David Phillips

Wild Weather on the Prairies

by (author) Calgary Herald & Monica Zurowski

Weather Trivia Calendar 2017

Celebrating Canada's 150th Anniversary

by (author) David Phillips

Brickle, Nish and Knobbly

A Newfoundland Treasury of Terms for Ice and Snow

by (author) Marlene Creates

Winter in Canada

by (author) Jerry Toupin

Rain Drizzle & Fog

The Joys and Sorrows of Newfoundland Weather

by (author) Sheilah Roberts

Extreme Canadian Weather

Freakish Storms and Unexpected Disasters

by (author) Joan Dixon

Grandma Says (pb)

Weather Lore From Meteorologist Cindy Day

by (author) Cindy Day

Canada's Weather

The Climate that Shapes a Nation

by (author) Chris Clair

The Discovery of Weather

Stephen Saxby, the tumultuous birth of weather forecasting, and Saxby's Gale of 1869

by (author) Jerry Lockett

In the Path of An Avalanche

A True Story

by (author) Vivien Bowers

Blown Away: A year through the lens of The Tornado Hunter

A year through the lens of The Tornado Hunter

photographs by Greg Johnson
foreword by George Kourounis
designed by Serge Bourgault
edited by Tammy Robert

Disasters Across Canada

Bravery in the Face of Danger and Destruction

by (author) Art Montague


What You Need to Know

by (author) Rebecca Leaman

2012 Canadian Weather Trivia Page-a-Day Calendar

by (author) David Phillips

2012 L'almanach météorologique canadien

by (author) David Phillips

2012 Canadian Weather Trivia Wall Calendar

by (author) David Phillips

2011 Weather Trivia Calendar

French Edition

by (author) David Phillips

The Field Guide to Natural Phenomena

The Secret World of Optical, Atmospheric and Celestial Wonders

by (author) Keith Heidorn & Ian Whitelaw

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