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A World for Butterflies

Thier Lives Behviors and Future

by (author) Phil Schappert

Northwoods Wildlife

A Watcher's Guide To Habitats

by (author) Janine M. Benyus

Wildlife of the North

by (author) Steve Kazlowski

The Last of the Wild Horses

Revised Edition

by (author) Martin Harbury & Ron Watts

Shaped by the West Wind

Nature and History in Georgian Bay

by (author) Claire Elizabeth Campbell

Birds of the Raincoast

Habits and Habitat

by (author) Harvey Thommasen & Kevin Hutchings
photographs by Michael Wigle & Wayne Campbell
with Mark Hume

Wild City

A Guide to Nature in Urban Ontario, from Termites to Coyotes

by (author) Tim Tiner & Doug Bennet

Fishing Saskatchewan

An Angler's Guide to Provincial Waters

by (author) Michael Snook


Wizards of the Rainforest

by (author) Anne E. Russon

The Monarch Butterflies

Saving The King Of The New World

by (author) Phil Schappert

From Reindeer Lake to Eskimo Point

by (author) Peter Kazaks
foreword by George Luste

The North Runner

by (author) R.D. Lawrence
foreword by Max Finkelstein

Dancing Elephants

The Story of Canada Beneath Your Feet

by (author) John Wilson

Full Moon, Flood Tide

Bill Proctor's Raincoast

by (author) Bill Proctor & Yvonne Maximchuk

Wolf Mountains

A History of Wolves along the Great Divide

by (author) Karen R. Jones

Captive Birds in Health and Disease

by (author) John E. Cooper & Margaret Cooper

Seal Wars

25 Years On The Front Lines With The Harp Seals

by (author) Paul Watson

A Patch of Green

Canadas Oil Patch Makes Peace With The Environment

by (author) Sydney Sharpe

Nature's Year in the Kawarthas

A Guide to the Unfolding Seasons

by (author) Drew Monkman
illustrated by Kimberly Caldwell

Wilderness Called Home

Dispatches From The Wild Heart Of Canada

by (author) Charles Wilkins

Glimpses of Paradise

The Marvel Of Massed Animals

by (author) Fred Bruemmer

Birds of the World Songbirds

by (author) John P.S. Mackenzie


Natural History Series

by (author) Eric S. Grace

Birds of the World Seabirds

by (author) John P.S. Mackenzie

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