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Weighted Down

The Complicated Life of Skip Spence

by (author) Cam Cobb


From Obscurity to Oblivion: An Oral History

by (author) Jason Lamb
foreword by Fred Armisen
afterword by W. Buzz Ryan

My Effin' Life

by (author) Geddy Lee

All the Years Combine

The Grateful Dead in Fifty Shows

by (author) Ray Robertson

Lay It On The Line

A Backstage Pass to Rock Star Adventure, Conflict and TRIUMPH

by (author) Rik Emmett

101 Fascinating Canadian Music Facts

by (author) David McPherson

Fashioning the Beatles

The Looks that Shook the World

by (author) Deirdre Kelly

Mud Ride

A Messy Trip Through the Grunge Explosion

by (author) Steve Turner & Adem Tepedelen
foreword by Stone Gossard

Don’t Call It Hair Metal

Art in the Excess of ’80s Rock

by (author) Sean Kelly

All My Loving

Coming of Age with Paul McCartney in Paris

by (author) Beth Kaplan

The Clash

All the Albums All the Songs

by (author) Martin Popoff

The Meaning of Metallica

Ride the Lyrics

by (author) William Irwin

The Art of Rush: Serving A Life Sentence

by (author) Hugh Syme & Stephen Humpries
introduction by Neil Peart

Anthem: Rush in the ’70s

by (author) Martin Popoff

Takin' Care of Business

A History of Working People's Rock 'n' Roll

by (author) George Case

Limelight: Rush in the ’80s

by (author) Martin Popoff

Love Her Madly

Jim Morrison, Mary, and Me

by (author) Bill Cosgrave


From Down in the Delta to the Birth of The Band and Beyond

by (author) Sandra B. Tooze

Ted Templeman

A Platinum Producer’s Life in Music

by (author) Templeman Ted
with Greg Renoff

Listen Up!

Recording Music with Bob Dylan, Neil Young, U2, R.E.M., The Tragically Hip, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Tom Waits...

by (author) Mark Howard
with Chris Howard

Geddy Lee's Big Beautiful Book of Bass

by (author) Geddy Lee

Best Seat in the House

My Life in the Jeff Healey Band

by (author) Tom Stephen
with Keith Elliot Greenberg

I've Got Something to Say

by (author) Danko Jones

The Big Note

A Guide to the Recordings of Frank Zappa

by (author) Charles Ulrich

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